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Little accomplishments

They matter.

We are believed to achieve big things since little. These expectations were built up by people around us, from society to parents at home, to get into a prestigious corporates, to have a great amount source of income in order to have a "successful" life. However, all you wanted to do are the little things. Cheering someone up, purchasing a box of homemade cupcakes for donation or even give your favourite food to someone who really need it.

For me, the little things count. The 10% extra work you put on your undergoing project or assignment, yes, it counts. People may not see it, but that does not mean it is not an effort. There are many things in life for us to focus. Most of the time, people will focus on the big things, a wide view of everything. However, if you take a look through a "microscope", you will see things, little accomplishments that someone else will celebrate.

Do not worry that you will not shine. Everyone shines in a different way. Some…

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