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Reducing meat consumption ⬇️🥩

Not a vegetarian and definitely not a vegan.

*summary at the end of entry*

I first acknowledge the vegetarian diet when I was 15 years old when I notice one of my classmates is vegetarian. I used to consume a good amount of meat because they taste delicious (They taste delicious still.. I miss steak lol 🥩🍽️ #triggeringvegans). I eat tons of veges as well, but if compared, meat had accounted most in my daily meals.
Recent years I have decided to cut down the consumption of meat. I do it mainly because I have had so so so much meat in the past, and looking back I felt disgusted by myself. I am judging my past self, no offence people. And this explains the sudden bulk when I was 9 years old. I had my fair share of protein and carbohydrates (carbs) during my elementary years (I love my meat and my rice 🍚😂). 
Before studying abroad, I had decided that I will become a vegetarian and obviously, I have failed. Fortunately, I have found a better way for myself in adjusting a diet that fits …

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