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Street watch and Bookstore hunt in Bristol.

Things that I most probably will do during a trip.

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17 June 2018, Sunday. I am writing this as I am sitting on the bar table close to the window in Mcdonalds watching as the rain showers as if the sky is its tap, forming puddles on the uneven roads in the city. People on the streets lifting hoods over their heads, hurriedly walk towards buildings with sheds while some just casually walking in the same building as I am with their shopping bags.
Street watching can be fun at times. I definitely would not get bored of watching the movement of humans and their pets on the streets, portraying their daily lives in motion. Call me boring but I do that quite often. Especially when I am in an unfamiliar environment. I guess this is a way of mine to settle down mentally and quiet down loud thoughts within me.
It was almost evening, but the closer to summer, the skies remain bright as if it is an afternoon. This makes my heart being settled on the very spot, refusing to go home. And nothi…

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