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I am not always happy

And I have accepted it.

Happiness is such a broad range and deep topic to talk about. Even from the level of the happiness can be distinguished based on the perspective or the EQ level of different people. Some people might be happy about the little things, such as food, dog videos etc. However, when it comes to others, life long companionship or an achievement of a long term goal etc.

The problem that I come to realize is, from the years of unhappiness that I have been through, I wanted to be happy, more than I am actually happy. It actually takes time to digest this statement, like what I did. The pressure that I gave myself in the past, without even being aware of it, is very stressful. Not only I am forcing myself to be happy, I have also escaped the fact that I am sad, but the issues that I am facing are not solved either.

When I seek for other people's advice, they will give me general answers such as "Don't think too much" or "Don't think about it&quo…

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