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Your puzzle.

It's all about putting yourself together.
The ultimate question which I am afraid of being asked: what are your future plans? To put this in a simpler way: what are you planning to do after graduation? These questions will put me in a situation where I will stand there, blunted, staring into an invisible dimension, waiting for it to consume me. Okay, a little too dramatic. But for those out there who understand me, a few words can put tons of pressure on you in split second.
My degree is ending soon (Already ended when I publish this post). This makes me worry about how to deal with myself in the near future. I could not even decide what to eat for the next meal! And here I am, being asked to answer such grown up question though I am a young adult already! Hahhahaa. shit.
Every time I will give an honest answer, hoping that person will understand me. Sometimes not and it's okay. What I say tend to shock some of them: "Shame to say this, but I still don't know yet."…

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