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Let it break you

In order for yourself to heal.
The old me wouldn't let myself grieve for a long period when unfortunate events occur. I think because the faster I choose to move on, the stronger I portrayed to be. So I found myself not giving myself enough time to grieve over something and trying to push myself out from my dark corner, acting as if I am okay.
The fact is, I am not.
Pushing yourself out there after a sad event and to stand up is a good thing. Moving on is another good thing followed. But sometimes deep down you still feel that the wound is there and by concealing it does not render it heal instantly. And I thought that by covering the wound and forgetting is a way of healing. I was wrong. Maybe it is for some people, but I know that person will certainly not be me. Because after years of hiding, suddenly one memory of something or someone will once again rip off that facade that you used for concealing. You never truly heal.

Forcing yourself to chin up and move on in a prompt time…

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