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Push further 👣

Sometimes we did what we knew that we are suppose to do it's not because that we believe that we can make it, but we know that it's time to grow up.

We understand that there will be uncertainties. Hell yes we are afraid of them. The unknown is the most terrifying part of it. It feels like jumping into an unfamiliar decision. Not the usual person as we are. And even though there will be countless matters waiting for us to discover, venture and for worst come to worst, to deal with it. This path, to us, is evitable yet we choose not to do so.

It's scary, terrifying. We even have countless sleepless nights thinking about the same matter and the decisions that we have made all over again when people around us are sound sleep. However, despite of all thoughts, we have decided to push further, to expand our comfort zones and not backing up even though it scares the hell out of us.

We believed that not only we are suppose to do it, but to also enjoy the progress. When the day ha…

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