The beauty lies on the next stage.
I assume that people are fairly sensitive about age, especially female friends around me, calling themselves "old grannies" when they are confronted with the term "age". I guess I am as well affected  by them as the mindset has become a type reflex action of mine even if I don't feel as old as I am now (well, that was a year ago, lol.)
I have to confess that I have actually forgotten my own age currently and am trying to stay low during my birthdays. Celebrations bring joy but I would want it to be people who mean to me. I have pretty strict terms when it comes to that. So, sorry to some people out there 😅. To add on it, I feel like I am trying to brush off the idea of celebrating my birthday off my shoulders but my inner child is always bringing it back from time to time. I almost lost track of my last celebration 😂.
Anyways, I have covered about adulthood and mental growth etc and what relates to those topic is age. Like I…

Scotland Stories: Bobby.

As a dog lover, I've heard of Bobby's story way back then. It was not remembered until Google hit me with the recommendations on 'places to visit in Edinburgh'. Bobby's statue is a landmark in Edinburgh. It is not far away from the National museum. So I've decided to make a trip to there. There was a number of tourists taking photos of the statute and I have to queue for me to snap a few photos.

Click here to read about Bobby's story if you don't know him yet 📖🐶.

The special thing was this grave (I assume that it was build to remember Bobby but not the actual grave) that is infront of a small church which you have to go through a small pathway to get in. I've actually passed by the pathway thinking not to go through but I felt adventurous that day and went in.

Love is often romanticized by the media and it is unrealistically applied or used as an example in real life. The act of love matters, but not limited within the romantic aspect. It is beyon…

Scotland Stories: The origin of the interest in Art.

Fruitmarket Gallery @ Edinburgh Old Town, Scotland | 22 January 2019, Tuesday.

I was never an artistic person to begin with.
I describe myself as a person tiptoe-ing around the ambit of Art with my hobbies in drawing, experiencing with the shades of crayon and photography during my adolescence years. Somehow the interest expands. And being able to incorporate some of my non-professional photography skills in my entries is a way of expressing myself not only through my writings as well as the photos themselves.
Everything in the Art world seems to link together. From paintings to photography and architectures to sculptures. The fun thing about it is to interpret and/or understand the artists' work.

Side note: I was amazed by the interior of the gallery.
My expression: 😲

Sorry for being a geek when it comes to ceilings and lights 🤓.
I have a thing for ceilings and lights.
If you notice, the lights look like constellation on the left photo. Perfection in detail indeed.

Galleries in Scotl…

Scotland Stories: Trams 🚊

"Trams are just trains which are allowed to roam in the city."
That was my thought when I am in one.
I've been to places that offer tram services which I like about. I assume they include trams in big cities.
I saw trams roaming in Edinburgh new town and I was amazed by the sight. I guess I have a thing for "long" vehicles in motion. Hmm.
Since I have the one day ticket, I thought to myself:"why not?"

As much as I like trams, I like buses too! 🚌
I like anything that gives me that "journey vibe".
Especially when the sky becomes dark as you are watching through the bus window or when its morning runs for the vehicle.

With hopes and loves, Victoria.

Scotland Stories: Hidden museum.

Writers' Museum @ Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland | 22 January 2019, Tuesday.
"I'm pretty sure I came to the right place." Me as I am holding my map which points to my arrived destination. However, what I saw was rows of souvenir shops which got me scratching my head.
After a few minutes of standing at the same spot being a lost tourist, I've spotted a "secret" pathway in between of the shops. A not-so-obvious sign hanging above the building as an indication that there is a narrow path which I have to go through for me to reach my actual destination.

How "obvious" the sign is.  😂

The first thing that attracted me was the flooring towards the museum. It shows different authors with their quotes which I've read most of them before setting foot into the museum. The building itself has history about it, but I didn't bother to read too much about it.

I was at the Writers' museum which comprises histories and the work of the three writer…

Scotland Stories: Him.

We met during my last day in the city. I was dragging my luggage around the city,  taking in the last view before boarding the airport bus.
He was backpacking while taking photos, starting his journey in this city.
Our paths intersected for a minute.
We were strangers, who happens to be in the same place, doing the same thing, seeing things in a unique way.
We were strangers, who happens to connect with a smile, without exchanging names.

We were just free souls, wandering in places, breaking stereotypes, writing our own stories.
How I wish that we meet before,
maybe we could share stories about our personal journey.

Regardless, you appear in my stories. And I wish you to have a safe and wonderful journey.
With hopes and loves, Victoria.


I wouldn't want a replay button.
Sometimes, I wish I have a pause button. I am a person who lives in the moment, but I just feel like something's missing. I couldn't find what's missing. Just the sense of missing is tingling, and it is really uncomfortable.
I want the time all for me. Sometimes, I feel like staying, but leaving is a better choice.
I hope by pressing pause, I could've stay for awhile. Because there's much to offer. There's much to see. So clear, yet so vague.
Stay there. The sea calls out to me. And there I shall stay, without any hesitations.

The sea became my pause button, that takes my worries away, for awhile at least.

I hope my mind clears up, someday.
With hopes and loves,Victoria.