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Smiles :)

Hello :D. Okay, just step in the topic. Many people been asking me about where my blogskin came from and how I make it. So, here I'm gonna say this once time, my blogskin, came from no where :), I design it my own okay? Not trying to be rude here, I hope you all understand how hard I work for it though, THANKS EVERYONE. I know some of you will get mad of me for not teaching or telling you all where or how my blogskin was made, If you want to make one perfect blogskin, the first thing is to use your HTML knowledge. If you don't know what or this HTML, go search on google thank you? I am a human too, If I can why not you? :D. JIAYOU!

H1N1 are here, run for your lives! I heard Cempaka was closed for one week and its reopen again. Right Dessy or Jean? Today I had assembly again, which it was 100% boring. After assembly, there's a speech of H1N1, Its quite of creepy that the horror movies D:. We must not hold hands with anyone, wash your hands before you eat, wash your hands aft…

Michael Jackson

Yup, I created this post only for Michael Jackson as known as King Of The Pop, R.I.P 1958-2009. I know its a bored post, but I'm his fan too (I guess). I read the newspaper yesterday, and :/ I saw that Michael's death. I'm shocked, I couldn't believe this news, until I watched TV. Plus, my friend called me and said that Michael's dead, so yea, I believe it. My friend xxx, was his number one fan, she cried on the phone yesterday because she missed Michael so much, so yea. And I heard something on the phone too. Its Michael's songs and videos (maybe), I'm not sure. I watched Michael Jackson Tribute and listen to his songs.

Michael Jackson (King of the pop) never be forgotten :').

I'm so sorry for my friend and all of the people who miss Michael Jackson.

On June 25, 2009, Jackson collapsed at his rented mansion at 100 North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles. Pending confirmation from toxicology reports, he was allegedly administered …


Hello blog readers! watch the new yesterday?
I found that Michael Jackson's dead! Omg. Sighs, everyone's gonna miss him, included me :). Okay, Michael Jackson 1958-2009 :O. On the other hand, TRANSFORMERS 2 are here ! Try to buy the tickets, but its sold out Wtf! -.-

We gonna miss you Michael :').

And guess what? I finished exam! WOOHOOO! Today subject was Sejarah (chinese) and KH, Sejarah was okay but some problems and guess what? I tembak KH, all along. 5 mins finished :P.
My friend 'Chuan' me, she got TRANSFORMERS tickets, Damn. I think she's watching at the cinema :/. Gahs.

Hyin went to Pulau Pinang already :( aww, she'll never post these days. She coming back on Sunday, this Sunday :). I hope Kuen Cheng closed, so that I can stay home, WOOHOO! Of course is impossible lah.

And I found that someone spam my blog. LOL.

spammer: lol, who are you? Iloveyou too :P.

LOL, okay, thats not spam. He/she just telling people that he/she loves you. Ahahaha, maybe is Angel, …

Short post.

My blog~



How was it? eh?

oh-so-Hello-Kitty :P.

I was just hopping by Hello Kitty websites, and I saw one awesome website about it o.O? LOL :P.
I saw this headphone and that camera :).

Hello Kitty Kira Deco Headphone ♥ for ¥8,400.00

Hello Kitty Casio Exilim EX-Z80 ♥ for ¥50,400.00

Okay, hmm, Its expensive :(.
School reopens tomorrow :/. So sad for me, but hooray for someone :P. LOLS, yea Dessy, those Hello Kitties were the cutest among earth :3. ahahaha. I won't be blogging these 10 days cause, exams almost here, and I force myself to study hard for this term. Don't want to fail myself :). ahaha.
Alright. I had nothing special to post about :/. Just making a short post here. Maybe I'll be blogging after exams :O. Don't miss me ;). Leave a message if you want to ask me or tell something :D.

♥ V.wsy.

I found a really funny video about poker face. SORRY Lady Gaga :P.

bye :).

Hello Kitty much? ;)

Hey, you know what? I'm starting to ♥ Hello Kitty :P after I saw a Hello Kitty latop. Woo! and I kept looking Hello Kitty things xD.
I want these things :3.

Hello Kitty Phone ♥

Hello Kitty Laptop ♥

Hello Kitty Victoria Couture Mini Sport Bag ♥

Hello Kitty Princess Doll ♥

Aww. :/. I want all :D! Cute but girly :/. Ehs, who cares? LOL :P. Tomorrow's the last day of holidays, and back to school D:. Sighs, I x school, but I love my friends :). I haven't finish my homeworks :P. And I'm going to do it all tomorrow :(. Boohoo~. School day after tomorrow :(. I haven't study my Sej, Geo either. And Geo project? not yet finish at all! School sucks lah! Can't wait for the another Holiday :P.

I got to go now. I got a tag by Dessy !

The person who tag you is?

Your relationship with him/her is?
Great friends

Your five impressions of him/her.
Pretty, Smart, Awesome, Cool and also ROCK :)

The most memorable thing he/she had done for you.
When she gave me her MSN.

The most memorable thin…

I'm strong on the surface, but not all the way through.

No tags reply. :P. LOLS. :)
Hi human-being, we come in piece :). Hey, sorry for being w e i r d. I slept at 3:10 a.m. (still remember the time -.-). I can't sleep, even my room is on air-cond.

Rolls + Rolls + Rolls = Sleeps.

haha. :P. I found a video about BY2. Heard by2 before? They were 2 Singapore twins :O. How awesome! And the most shocking thing is they were only 16 years old ! Oh, back to the video. That video is about both of them dancing, its so AWESOME man!

enjoyed it? SO COOL! :P.
Oh, Kuen Cheng High starting to 招生 already. Only for next year___2010. Want the 报名表格? click here.

I'm chatting with Jolin babe, Huey and Joey. Joey is at THAILAND. Above Malaysia. hahahahahahaha XD. I hope I can sleep well today, and not doing the sleeping dance moves -.-. Here it goes.

Rolls + Rolls + Rolls= Sleeps

:/. Holidays are way too bored, but when its over, we want it back. Aren't people strange?

What I do in holidays: eat, play, sleep, shit

Think about it, how bored is that?

温习? :)


hyin: welcome

jie ying: nice link :P

jaen: thanks jaen XD

Jiaqi: =)

jie ying: :) lols, thanks yea

sook yi: -.-

james: will relink yea

hyin: welcome

hyin: have lar...:P

hyin: idc? he told me to send for you.

Angel :]: yup, she's always like that

sugar: -.-

joyce: nono she's not kacau-ing.

joyce: eh..

sugar: -.-

sugar: someone. lol?

joyce: er...

sugar: hey sugar

joyce: Oops :X

Angel :]: angel ! :P, yea, ignore her XD ahaha

joyce: yup, ur crazy.

joyce: -.-

joyce: you ah...

Angel :]: Joyce's houseee?

Well, sorry people! there's some argue-ing at my cbox :/. They were my old pals ^^". Joyce and Angel and of course sugar__糖糖.

Its a harsh day for me today. :/. Hais, study this and that. My homeworks almost finish.

地理 project
化学纸 (找英语意思)
art paper
Science paper
GEO exercise
english project
KH paper

Plus I had tuition homework which I marked for myself :P.

Sejarah (3 chapters)
Geo (9 chapters)

Hahaha. Kuen Cheng really sucks and more pressure. But, I'm fine with it. LOL. I really love t…



jo yenn: okie Jo yenn :)

jo yenn: heys :). I'm fine thanks for asking how about you?

Jiaqi: kayes, will relink yea.

Jiaqi: hey jiaqi :D.

sook yi: :D. WILL HAPPY DERH! TQ

sook yi: I'm fine as usual ^^

Angel :]: hello ^^

Angel :]: That joyce -.-. Btw thanks for visit yeah :)


sugar: not fan lah

sugar: annoying? NOT

joyce: bye.

joyce: LOL

joyce: no, never see you

joyce: ahahah yea..

Hello round round world :). How are you? Yea I know your sick :/. Because of us__humans. Throwing trash around you /:. How sad TT. Hope you get well soon, I promise I won't throw any single trash on the floor, street, road or river :3.

Hello awesome-crazy-cool peeps O.O. How are you all? I haven't do my GEO project !!! I don't know how to do it ! TT. GOD ! SAVE ME! I afraid my exams larh. Hope I can get good results this time. But I kept spending time AT THIS COMPUTER ! Now study no use lerh -.-".


These words are stucki…


Jia: jia jia jia :D. THANKS for dropping by =)

Dessy: DESSY ! suga land ! XP. THANKS ! I love your blog :]

jie ying: LOL :P

jie ying: its okie XD

jie ying: XD

jie ying: jie ying ! why so sad? LOL

joyce: -.-

joyce: eh? I got online lah. you go toilet 25 mins -.-.

Julia: JULIA :D! THANKS for leaving a message :)

Sorry I didn't post yesterday :P. I went shopping at JUSCO :).
Well, firstly we went to Johnny's for lunch. I ordered hot&spicy rice :P. It was delicious like hell, but its not spicy. My sis ordered belacanrice set, I think it was okay. The set which contains ice-cream, chinese tea and a tomyam soup. LOL. And my mom ordered some noodles :D.

So, after delicious lunch, we went to shop of course XD. My mum bought a NORTH STAR shoe and POWER shoe for me :) and my sis bought a POWER sport shoe which it was blue in colour. Next we went for groceries.

Lastly we went to SODA for fast shopping :P. Yup my sis :/. So after that we went to my cousin's house for fun. My cousin just came…

In the morning :)

现在是凌晨1 点 47 分...
为什么突然会用华语来打 post 的? 哎哟... 别管啦...
还在和我滴两位朋友谈天 杨文杰和林淑钰.
死文杰还不睡觉! 砍死他!
淑钰? 还在开开心心地想念她的 "他"
我很累哦.. 但又不想睡觉... 好奇怪哦.. 对... 嗯...

(她..已进入梦乡了..可能今天会继续 post)

有一个 tag 想和你们分享的.

♥ 被點到必填,不填代表你不尊重傳給你的人和問卷。
♥ 請老實的回答每一個問題。
♥ 不行擅自塗改題目。
♥ 寫完請點8位小朋友,不可不點。
♥ 點完後請通知那8位小朋友他被點到了。
♥ 那8位小朋友填完問卷,必須把問卷寄回 - 給你填問卷的人

--------------[ 壹 ] . 個 人 題 - 10 題 --------------
[ 01 ] 你叫什么: 黄淑圆
[ 02 ] 你的綽號: 鱼丸
[ 03 ] 你的血型: 不清楚, 应该是 A 吧...
[ 04 ] 你的星座: 山羊座
[ 05 ] 你是男還是女: 男女? :)
[ 06 ] 你幾歲:13 有问题吗?
[ 07 ] 你住哪裡: 星球! :D
[ 08 ] 你現在的學校: 坤成 (不知道这个算不算是学校)
[ 09 ] 你有沒有手機: 有~
[ 10 ] 承上,那是多少: 什么!?

--------------[ 貳 ] . 朋 友 題 - 10 題 --------------
[ 11 ] 你最要好的朋友(限1個): 朋友是没有最好的
[ 12 ] 你最討厭的人(限1個): 讨厌? 小学就有啦. 中学成熟了, 应该是没有
[ 13 ] 你最正的女性朋友(限1個): 贝礼?
[ 14 ] 你最帥的男性朋友(限1個): 方琳荣 (哈哈, 讲真他不是很帅 :/)
[ 15 ] 什麼樣的女生你最討厭 : LCLY 的?
[ 16 ] 什麼樣的男生你最討厭: 欺负女生的
[ 17 ] 你的好朋友有誰(不限): 祖仪, 愉茵
[ 18 ] 你經常和哪位朋友出去: 楚涵
[ 19 ] 你身邊最憨的朋友(限1個,不能自己): 也是她们
[ 20 ] 你身邊最可愛的朋友(限1個): 可爱... 美欣咯

--------------[ 參 ] . 感 情 題 - 15 題 --------------
[ 21 ] 你有沒有喜歡的人: 有
[ 22 ] …


jo yenn: hello leng lui JOYENN !

jie ying: JIE YING ! thanks for dropping by ! hows Singapore?

Dessy: Hey DES DES :). SUGA LAND ! XD ahahaha.

jaen: JAEN BABE ! TQs for dropping by :D. Your always warmly welcome ^^.

sook yi: no need to kill me de, kill urself lah XD

sook yi: off9 liaos

jo yenn: ohh, thanks for dropping by =D

sook yi: very "happy" hahaha.

iloveyou;™: WELCOME ! :D

SKY baby ! XD. (yup, this is me :])

Sorry for not online-ing on MSN today.
I went out for lunch though turns out DINNER -.-.

I woke up on 10 something today, cause yesterday my dad said that he was going to bring us out for lunch and my aunty's new house.
So, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep again. LOL. Then my sis was awake and she thought that I haven brush my teeth, so she use her smeeeelly feet to kick me. -.- Damn you WONG SOOK TENG !
after she brushed her teeth, we do the godisagirl dance =D. Really funny, which I didn't take pictures of that because is REEEETARD XD.
So, we wait for our dad to call…