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The adventures of the freaking china doll

Rubiks cube ;)

Hey all, the first thing I wanna talk about is freaking china dolls :). Don't you all know, china dolls can be...

They can be pretty, cute?


----- ---

:). Its okay now... Oh yea, not to mention it, today's the last curriculum for us (Me&Joey) :P. So, we bought 珍珠奶茶. I drank watermelon flavor, it was nice thought... Seriously ;)

We finally finished our T-shirts!

Nice? I love this flower, much thanks to our teacher for teaching us :D.

Boom boom pow :P
Thanks for my dog for being my model :P LOL. I miss curriculums :'(.

Spam, damn, pam ;3.
Just being random here :P. LOL? Gonna end this post now.

It all ends here now.

無與倫比的美麗 ♥


Hyper happy today. No reasons :). Kept smiling like a little girl gets her teddy back. Weird huh?
We had assembly again, which I hate it very much. But the best part is we had Talent time ! Its the best man!

And the great part is we used to shout till our voice get sore LOL. I was talking to Tze hyin and another tze ying, hahaha, the clone of tze hyins. The last dance was so nice man! And I fell in love with their T-shirts :P. After assembly, we do random things.

Its chinese period! boring.. China doll came again, everyday, GOSH! Can she have a break already? Just leave us the homeworks and rest okay? -.- Pass it! Then it was chemistry, its fun (I guess) Talking to Joey the whole period :] *cheers*

Then it was Geo(chinese), just skip this. Hate this period alot alot alot alot alot alot alot alot! Then its recess, I was darn angry. I'm drowsy, it was like 4 cubby things jumping rope in my mind. 1,2,3,4 JUMP HARD! makes my brain, omfg, think about that.


It hurts…

♥ -

第一 : 被 點 者 請 在 自 己 網 誌 打 上 答 案
第二 : 請 傳 另 外 十 個 人
第三 : 傳 閱 人 請 在 於 這 10 位 得 流 言 版 告 知 他 ( 她 ) 被 點 名 嚕
第四 : 這 當 中 得 十 位 不 得 拒 絕
第五 : 被 點 者 請 註 名 被 誰 點 了 在哪 接 到 在 傳 給 下 面 10位
第六 : 這 些 被 點 名 者你 ( 妳 ) 們 被 點 明 會 被 祝 福
♥♥♥甜 蜜 餐 點 N O . 1♥♥♥
綽號:鱼丸, Vic vic
興趣:聽音樂, blog, facebook, friendster 等
♥♥♥甜 蜜 餐 點 N O . 2♥♥♥
♥♥♥甜 蜜 餐 點 N O .3♥♥♥
個性: 寂寞
♥♥♥甜 蜜 餐 點 N O . 4♥♥♥
最愛的音樂:有 feel 的
最愛的卡通:什么卡通都看, 没有最爱
最愛的人:家人, 朋友, (未来男友)
最愛的COLOR:什么都爱, 除了巧克力
♥♥♥甜 蜜 餐 點 N O . 5♥♥♥
【1】 家人健健康康
【2】 家人开开心心
你很愛笑嘛:当然! 我是小丑叻 :P
要放棄現在的生活 你願意嘛:才不愿意, 有疼我的家人和朋友们
點你 ( 妳 ) 得人是:紫滢 (这个问题你问了两次)
你( 妳 ) 們的關係是:姐妹 (不是真的)

无心理准备的告白 :X

昨天, 突然间想起告白. 奇怪的, 我对一个我有点感觉的男生告白叻... 他以为我是开玩笑, 其实我是认真的. 后来我告诉他, 他很惊讶... 所以, 他说他需要一些时间. 哇佬! 过后才觉得, "奇怪, 突然间告白什么?" 呵呵, 奇怪了吗... 所以, 我在等待答案咯. 如果是拒绝的话, 算了. 不会太过伤心...

知道很无聊. 突然间爱上了蘇打綠的歌 :P.


Tag from Miss Elle Ong Mang Hsuan

Hey, sorry for this post, I just drop by you know, Elle's page. And I saw a tag there, she wrote "Anyone intrested can do this x_x" So, yea, I'm interest :).

• outfit: pink t-shirt and orange shorts
• hairstyle: pony tail
• jewelry: nope
• nail color: normal

do you:
• cut yourself: for...?
• lick yourself: Not a cat -.-
• whine a lot: yea. *rollseyes*
• yell a lot: Yep
• have too many friends: nahs!
• want to die: no?
• do drugs: never
• wear dark colors: depends
• dye your hair: nahs

have you ever:
• talked on the phone for over 3 hours: of course!
• left the country: ughuh, who doesn't?
• had a party with over 30 people: woop! yea!
• stolen something: Yes *pointsfingars*
• caught something on fire: no
• cheated on someone: never
• wanted to cheat on someone: Yea..
•asked someone out: :)

last person:
• you touched : keyboard
• you talked to: sis -.-"
• you hugged : my pillow?
• you instant messaged : that someone

are you:
• understanding : yes.
• openminded: depends
• insecure : m…

一段青, 两个心, 三个字, 是我爱你 :).

The first thing I'm gonna do is, reply tags

放下他一族。。: 不理想的事情

放下他一族。。: 当然知道, 大名鼎鼎的林淑钰

X X X: Hello, thanks :) and who are you O.O?

L !: Thanks for dropping by ;)

May: must take your poems!

我: ?

我: 不是你咯...自恋.

Jieying: She is bitchy :P. lols

Jieying: Yea, she's bitch anyway. Thanks ;O

Jieying: Hey jie ying, just viewed it, nice blog :)

L !: hey, thanks for dropping by

Joy : LOL

passerby: ?

passerby: ?

passerby: ?

Hey all! School was seriously worst than I thought. I found a song by Avril Lavigne.

I'm into this song, its a nice song. Sighs. I don't know why, but I felt very very very very sad today. Especially on B.M. period. I felt worst, and I copy the nota like, ugh... I felt like the whole world hates me, (okay, I know I'm lame). Seriously, everyone hates me except my gang.. I guess.

And, sorry to Joey, I didn't wait for her when school over's. She called my name, but I had no feeling for it. I think I look like MAW, when she was sad or angry, she'll not care about anythi…

你的眼睛像海边, 总是很安静.

哈哈, 刚才电脑节post 到一半. 过后, 现在才想起要用华语.
电脑节不错... 刚踢了文杰的屁股一脚, 哈哈. 真的, 一年真的好快过.眨眼间,我们的初一生涯快过了. 希望我可以快到初二啦!不用再对着 "某个人" 真的很讨厌那个 "人" 我都不知道她是人还是狗. 她的样子很令人讨厌! OMFG! 咋到..呵呵, 突然变到另一位陶哲. 在此搁笔,掰掰...



Last minute homework.

Hey people, sorry for not posting many days. I was lazy too.
I am doing my last minute homework now. Wish me luck?

Tell me if you hate Chemistry. Be a fan of I hate Chemistry. Chemistry kills! Actually, I'm not suppose to blog today, but there's something special to post.

As you see, today's chinese period, we just learn a few things. We get to choose our 班委员. I almost be the 康乐. ALMOST! Its all Kok Fong's fault and mostly Jia En's -.- They choosed me and xxx. But good thing no one raise up their hands :). End up (the results)

正: 爱桐
副: 文杰
正: Darren 汉渊
副: 国峰
文书: 佳恩
财政: 紫滢
正: 伟雄
副: 美倛
正: 陶锗
副: 苇嘉
正: 嘉维
副: 忘了..

And much much more, but I guess I have short-term memory :P.
I love biology.
A.K.A Bio geek.
I ate butter cake made by Miss Wai Jo Ei. Seriously, too much butter :). Ahahahahaa. Oh, and sorry if I set my blog private. Because I delete everything in my blog and the blogskin too. So I took one day to set everything on. I think its nicer than last time. Agree?

I hate 课外活动&…


今天, 用, 华语咯! 先回复信, 再写我的故事.

Sockpuppet: nahs, yours nice too. No need to be sorry :)

Sockpuppet: thanks Gaya.

L !: hey hsuan :D

Joy ;P: again?

Joy ;P: hello Miss lee :P

jo yenn: hi and thanks

紫滢: maybe

紫滢: ohh, no need to tell me de :)

sook yi: 别提他了.

sook yi: 还好.

Joy ;P: lol, who tell you to go?

Joy ;P: hey joy, hows school?

jo yenn: hello, thanks for droppiong by, i'm fine thanks.

passerby: I think she knows.

passerby: ohh...

passerby: got...

passerby: ^^ Tq.

passerby: hey :), thanks for dropping by. Thanks ^^

sook yi: 不用紧的啦..

继续我学校的生活咯. 想不到今天我酱开心, 也有不开心的一方啦. 不开心的呢, 就是我旁边的女生 (美倛) 搬走了. 现在剩下我一个人坐在后面, 好孤单, 希望美倛能搬回来咯... :(. 开心的就是, 我没收到红卡耶... 红卡是给退步再退步的人, 真的是担心我的朋友们不可以上级. 我看见美欣收到红卡后, 立刻哭. 好可怜哪... D: 讲真, 她哭都没有用, 成绩返回了不会再回来了, 还有, 当初不考好的后果咯.

然后呢, 今天的地理不用问答! 耶! 华语节, 老师没来上课咯, 应该是早退了, 听松伟说... 派了成绩单, 我考得还好咯, 总评均只是掉了 0.48 分而已, *高兴* 可是我觉得自己还不够努力. 我要像贝礼酱好. 她总评均 74% 叻... 很好是吗? 紫滢 66.17, 还好咯... 加油啦!

很想去 Midvalley 咯.. 今天先报道到这离吧...再见..

Computer Day~

Sorry for not posting for 2 days :O. Cause I was lazy too :P.
I'm not gonna reply all of your tags until my cbox was full. Boom bam!

I was at school now, beside joey, which it was Teoh Kok Fong's place. ugh. Teacher just passed by. ehs..

Will continue, I guess

Me & Ann.
502, 205, 348, 528, 410, 340 (new number)

Woosh. How lame, yet I'm loving it :).
Just finished my computer work, and now internet time. Our class was still, okay. And Mun Teng was staring at me just now. Weird...

1,2,3 tuuuu~

I saw "fuck me please" at Chen Yao's chair :P ahahahhaa. Woops :X

Stop, Look, Shop :P

Talent Time tomorrow :).
I hope they will win.
Today was not okay, I felt happy, sad, angry and sorry.
I felt happy, because there's P.E for us. badminton. Yup, there's some test for us, kinda easy though. Of course I past cha.

Can't you believe it? 2 periods of Chinese, I almost sleep. Hate chinese, god!
Miss Fish- China Doll :P
It was Geo on next. Its okay, but they are singing like.. crazy. The whole class was noisy. And I felt asleep. Its boring, who wouldn't sleep? ugh. I ate Joey's mom homemade cheese ham bread :O. Taste great Joey! Thanks to your mom :3.

Next was Biology. Just do some exercises that teacher gave. LOL, plumule, cotyledon, radicle Bio geek :/. 2 periods of KH until school's over. Me and May Ann chatted about her brother and her dog. Me and Joey went for curriculum (don't know if it was wrong). All those things were so heavy. ugh.

I was angry about that teacher and "them". They cause me waiting for them to rehearsal my godness -.-. Th…



钰: 哈哈..无辜!

Joy ;P: :]

Joy ;P: hahaha, ya lo... this kind of freak

Joy ;P: ya lo, 衰样... :P

Joy ;P: JOY :)

Angel, 天使: LOL, babikah! lifeless guy/girl. Like jieying said, too free?

Angel, 天使: thanks ^^

紫滢: 不用客气了. Gabriel 蛮好的咯..可惜我有了.. :P

失恋一族: ...

失恋一族: 对不起, 她不知道...

Angel, 天使: bye bye bye :P

Angel, 天使: ya lo.. very lazy

Angel, 天使: wei, no 礼貌...

Angel, 天使: don't wu hui, she's my friend... :)

sook yi: 喔...可以啦. 立刻换

Angel, 天使: good lorh :)

Angel, 天使:tq

Angel, 天使: nice :D

sook yi: 哈哈, 是吗?

Jieying: yup

Jieying: LOL, cacat-ness :P, thanks anyway :)

sook yi: 很多个他.

今天天气阴天. 想不到我,黄淑圆竟然会关心天气的喔...
今天超级高兴! *私人东西* 不可说的秘密啦! 对不起哦, 不能和你们分享我的喜悦... :(
今天到学校时, 突然想念他. 咳... 没回复我的短讯, 不知道是不是喜欢别人了. 就算是也不用紧呢!
现在我在等待他放学回来. 希望他可以上线咯, 很期待. 今天当我在班上听见美欣她们说要参加什么东西. 还说, 赢了可以获得 RM3000++ 呢! 吓到. 过后她们还说要参加. 她们打算唱英语歌咯, 可是嘉颖只会唱 A new day has come 吗. 过后知道了后, 又不管我的事. 后来她们才改成 My heart will go on. 祖仪说美欣拉不到音, 所以把她放到不能拉音的段. 其实我想参加, 可是又没要求, 所以算了吧. 还有我没去 Midvalley 了. 没交通吗, 所以, 嗯. 结局. 琦(张) 要求我到 Midvalley, 但被我无情的拒绝了 :| 对不起...

没周会, 但要上课. 好闷耶... 余…

Love Script :)

I never load my picture much, but here's one :).
I changed my banner. Hows it? I think its okay :/.
Thanks for leaving comment on my tagboard. And I got some new message from passerby.

passerby: lifeless b!tch -.-
passerby: you change alot thing so what ? this skin from layout , spamspamspam

passerby: And yes, thanks for telling me your lifeless :).
passerby: spam? May god bless you.

LOL? These people make no sense? They just spam people's blog if they like. Well, go ahead, spam all you want, there's still many places left for you. And thanks Angel again, maybe Joy will help me too and more Chong Hwa friends :). Thanks!

School day for tomorrow :(, aww... too bad. Assembly again, ugh.. :/.
I think I'll less update this blog, because, I wanna study hard for next term. But, I was too lazy for it. God! D:

I know this post is short. I seriously had nothing to post about :|. Bye

另外一个 post.

哈哈, 回来了.
忘了这件时, 老人痴呆症.
关于重要的事就是今天是坤成中学的管乐演奏会! 我没去, 闷到. Omg. 我没去, 因为对我来说, 去不去? 没烦恼. 而且, 我不会后悔的.

若要扩大的话, 就请按按图片咯! 还有, 今天我玩了游戏, 很无聊的.

耶! 美丽吗? 我知道我很无聊.


看见他B上线时, 心砰砰地跳 :O, 难道自己已经... 没有可能的. 我对他A还有感觉的.
没有可能对他B 产生感觉的. 也许是在 MSN 上, 已... 最近很烦啊! 别提了. 至于他A 和他B 是谁呢, 是...

我换了新歌. 没有如果, 是败犬女王的歌. 很好听喔.
我对 R 已经没感觉了! 耶! 终于脱离他的魔掌! 不用被他紧紧的抱着. 我会和他B产生感情的. 他A 呢...呵, 放开吧. 心情蛮爽的.
终于可以过回我那花心的生活了! *高兴*
讲真, 真的爱上 3个人.

第一: 迟钝, 笨, 运动好, 花心, 甜言蜜语
第二: 对我好的, 聪明, 样子不错, 在我有事时, 第一时间保护我的
第三: 甜言蜜语, 样子不错

第一, 第二, 第三. 该选谁呢? 嗯? 记得给我答案喔. 未来靠完你们了! 谢谢了!
我, 心情有点不好... :(

现在我看见R时, 没感觉, 简直是当他不存在. 就是喜欢这种感觉了!
第一? 没了咯! 第二和第三. 在选着. 知道我花心. 跟你们讲, 我用2个月放下R. 知道没有? 那时的我实在太笨了, 为他哭了很多夜.

自从我知道他有女朋友后, 眼眶的泪水不停的流. 到最后, 他有接受我吗? 没有! 还骂我很 3 8! 我那时眼睛都红了, 泪水就快流下. 到最后没流下, 因为我选择, 坚强.
他, 有理会过女生的感觉吗? 他有真心诚意地对待我吗? 他有给机会我吗? 答案是没有! 我每天到学校就是为了等待他的答案! 他? 当作女生只是玩具, 玩了后, 就扔在一边!
你每次想逼到我讨厌你为止, 我对你说, 我不会! 我很爱你, 永远! 我现在就想喊你的名字, 让别人知道. 但, 我没有这个勇气.
认识你, 爱上你, 牵你的手, 和我擦肩而过, 当陌生人, 是巧合! 我希望我没认识你. R, 我选择离开, 让你自由. 我想自己无法继续. 我..在..流泪了.

我爱你, 才放开你.
我爱你, 才离开你.
我爱你, 才给你自由.
我爱你, 希望你能更爱她.
我爱你, 希望你幸福.

最后一句话, 对不起, 我爱你.

我不想让这种感觉纠缠下去, 就选择爱别的他.
世界上, 不只是你能让我幸福.
还有其他的他在等待我. 只要我还存在的一天, 我会选择另外的他. 全部是我真心的话. 如果R在读着的话, 我想祝你幸福, 因为我早就放开你了.
至于滢, 你也可以的, 加油.…


哇, 很久没有回复信了.

Jolin: yooo!

紫滢: ^^

紫滢: 不可以了.

ELLE !: nothing happend, just some lifeless ppl leaving lifeless msg

joey: ....

sook yi: 哦...

sook yi: 不是没有换, 是懒惰换

紫滢: hahaha

Angel: reply

Angel: to

Angel: lazy

Angel: -.-

wan kah: lol :P

Angel: -.- welcome back

Jieying: hello! thanks! :D

sook yi: 有说讨厌韩国歌么?

紫滢: lxD

wan kah: same here :)

wan kah: you wrote it on your pm :)

终于回复完了 :). 高兴.
最近不是很高兴. 很多坏事情发生. 只能当作没发生, 也当志扬是出气筒 :(. 对不起!

1) 没交通去 Midvalley, 不过我会尽量达到吧!
2) 朋友关系
3) 爱情烦恼
4) 电脑问题
5) 家人问题
6) 朋友指数

还有其他的, 不想提了. 今天是最后一天. 终于 1 个星期 6 没上学了! 听说谨惠的学校 (循人中学) 关闭了一个星期, 但现在开回了. 坤成中学的同学们, 我们要提高警惕! 不然会中 H1N1 和要做一大叠的功课了 :(. 今天在电脑课没上到网, 老师要赶功课 -.-.

很多事情烦! 连祖仪也是很生气和伤心. 说到祖仪, 今天她专门弄了 banana cake 给我耶. 谢谢 ^^, 而且, 好好吃的, 没骗你们. 不是因为她是我的好朋友我就说好吃咯. 是真的很好吃咯.

今天也被 babi tin 骂了. 她骂的! :P. 很讨厌她的节咯, babi 的. 今天经过他, 他当什么事都没发生, 然后离开了. 咳... 很伤心的. 很没有心情写了.


I had a bad day :(

Hello, And I had a special guest here. Look at this "special guest"

passerby: hahahha haha
passerby: copycaters , be lifeless -.- suckss .azz
passerby: can you hv your own life ? copycaters =.=
passerby: ur blog sucks
passerby: i hate you ;P but i don leave . so what ?
passerby: Hey , this skin not you made okay ? You jus set bg n header -.-. please !

Special reply

passerby: LOL?
passerby: your the one who is lifeless :P ahaha
passerby: I didn't copy anyone's thing, stupid, and btw stupid your stupid :D LOL.
passerby: I know my blog sucks :D, so as your life
passerby: oh hate me? don't leave? I don't care? :)
passerby: Nahs, I changed many more things too stupid!

Thanks to Angel and Joy.

Angel&Joy: bye yuen :). Joy: i go back home. bye
Angel: passer by: yay, get a life! ;P
Angel: hehs :]. ya lo, like this people so lifeless de. dun care yuen =D
Joy :D: yerr... at angel's house now. ^^. spammer: get lost ! she don't care about you de. ugh. ya angel hor
Angel: passerb…

退步与进步? 高兴与不高兴?

今天有很多高兴的事, 也有伤心的事发生. 哎哟, 手痛, 打不到酱多字. 算了, 为了你们, 我一定会打完这个 post 的 :). 感动了吗?

就从高兴的事说起吧! 今天很高兴喔, 琦(张) 说要去 MID. 然后说男生请吃 Pizza Hut ;P 想起都觉得好笑. 哈哈. 不过我要答应男生们去玩具店. -.-. 好心, 几多岁了? 还要玩玩具, 气死女生们了 :/. 琦(张)说他们玩 Barbie doll. 不知道是真还是假 *半信半疑* 呵呵. 生物节没考小考! 耶! 可是星期五有考 :(. 音乐节被老师骂骂骂, 妈的 :P 哈哈. 化学节问答题 (最讨厌的), 幸亏没中我 :). 幸运者!过后只是我和紫滢下课, 愉茵要练东西 -.-, 祖仪就整天逗留在课室, 有古怪 :/. 哈哈.

不高兴的事就是我的成绩退步了! -.- 恨死自己, 为什么当初不要酱努力呢! -.- 贝礼的成绩很好咯. 科学差 3 分就 80% 了.老师,你有没有搞错? 3 分都不可以施舍! :( 不过我还是要加油! 嗯!


如果再写下去就是更废的, 今天到此为止, 再见咯!

Listen to my heartbeat

嗯. 用华语 :).
我觉得华语比较多东西写. 呵呵, 我英语差吗, 对没有?

今天还蛮高兴的. 可以捉弄人, 耶! 第一节是 "飞机场" 的节. 数学. 我最爱, 但, 这个飞机场弄到我乱鸟. 喜欢数学, 讨厌飞机场. 哈哈. 飞 . 机 . 场. 她派小考分数, 不错不错 6/10 ^^ 蛮好蛮好 *自夸*. 然后是 loh yao (sifat loh) 的节, 两节! -.- 死没有? 幸好没赶我们全班出去咯 *叹气* Darren 和祖仪一直斗气, 搞到我又气又笑. 哈哈哈. Mr. Loh 讨论 EDU 咯. 还好有完成功课 *假到死* -.-. Gabriel 搬来后面和我谈天. 有说有笑咯. 嗯.. 不会喜欢他的放心.

过了又闷又想死的英语节后, 就体育咯! 打羽球 ^^. 不过今天考勾球 :O, 失败的我拼命试, 最后, 成功了! 愉茵好像打 Golf 乍到 -.-. 很好笑的部分就是老师叫愉茵到老师面前勾球, 当她勾上球, 我就说加油! 过后她的球掉在地上了. 哈哈, 第二次勾球的时候 (老师有给3次机会勾球), 我说 yes, 愉茵的球就掉了. 第三次, 我收声了, 过后愉茵还是勾不到. 总分 B. 紫滢和祖仪拿 C. 我拿A, 我没想到自己酱 "梗" *自恋* 一勾球, 就勾得上了, 耶! 高兴! 呵呵... 还有, 当祖仪出去的时候, 她说 "I don't know how to play this thing" 老师就说: "我最讨厌人说英语了! 给 D" 老师, 乍到...

过后下课, 我吃了祖仪亲手弄的蛋糕. 好好吃耶! :) 谢谢咯! 过后就是华语节, 我作文重写! 掉你 Miss fish! -.- 死 babi 啊... 然后过了 2节华语 (差一点睡着), 就是 GEO 节, 闷闷闷, 和美棋唱唱歌.


不懂为什么快乐, 像冰棋淋口中, 溶化得特别冲动,
不懂为什么树叶染红的时候, 就到要分手

Don't, don't go away
Don't, don't go away


我的心跳不属于你了 :)

Saw that?
----- NONE -----

Ugh, today's a harsh day, My class kena marah over 5 teachers :O woah, broke record don't we? And good news, assembly cancel! Woooosh babey! thats what sook yuen talks! First period, Chinese :/ arghs, and the teachers came again, so checked the temperature of our forehead. Its sucks! but the fun thing is, waste teacher's time :). I kena H1N1 :S! nahs just kidding, just a little headache.

Its Chemistry, *blablabla*. Geografi (CHN) :/ bored, asked questions good thing didn't call me (: lucky bitch. Ahaha, nooo to bitch. If don't know, we'll be MODEL! standing outside doing CATWALK! Omfg, I don't know what teacher was thinking that #%$^#% -.-". Kay, then It was recess, I didn't eat anything, still starving to death here thank you. Next was, maths? O.O. Changed place again xD. ALMOST kena marah and back to place, phwee, good. I stomp Gabriel's feet, Hope you don't mind Gab :P, ahahaha, does it hurts? No, yes? Don'…

一切都是巧合, 你我都不会成情侣.

就坐在角落想, 原来只是巧合 :)

哈! 今天用华语, 我最爱 :P. 今天是星期六, 坤成学生们, 大多数是会到学校上课. 所以, 我也不例外. 哈! 今天美棋(坐在我旁边的女生) 没有到学校, 导致我很孤单.

不过还好很多节都可以换位, 所以, 就换到祖仪那边咯(子豪的位). 今天第一节是 Sej, 老师没来. 咋到, 害到我们在那边惊慌着老师的到来. 最后? 失败了 :(. 过后一个老师进来我们的班骂我们, 骂完后, 就拿温度计测量我们有超过 38°C. 我一定没有中的啦. 我酱 "健康" 吗. 老师先给男生们测量, 因为他们要到 KH lab 上课所以. 男生们离开过后, 就是我们女生们的天地了! 耶! :). 老师量了后就 "滚" 出去了 :P 哈哈. Cikgu Suraida 又面很愁愁了. 这可不是第一次了. 琦(张) 就和紫滢, 饭鱼她们讨论东西, 既然不管我的事就别管酱多咯. 怎知道紫滢就转过来说:" 圆, 要去 Midvalley 吗? " 当然是要啦, 废话.

过后, 原本想要愉茵去的我就问茵. 茵就没回答. 过后全都是秘密, 琦(张) 就想松伟和志扬 (Gabriel) 一起去咯, 我想要美欣去的. 但却开不了口 -.-. 老师就上课咯, 我没听她的课的 ;). 如果 琦(张)想要志扬 (Gabriel) 去的话, 我就拖他去, 哈哈. 我们也顺便叫礼安去, 因为可能可以顺便载Gabriel. KH 节过了, 就是历史节了, 老师讨论作业, 我就睡觉. 好闷啊... 不过还是忍下去了. 过后是英语节, 就去 lab 咯. 我和宗祺换位,就和滢坐. 我们谈谈天... 我看见 "他" 终于坐回自己的位了, 也替他高兴吧.

然后! 就是数学节. 有小考! 救命! :( 我和子豪换位. 然后, 老师用那种很不爽的眼神看着我和仪. 我就用那种怎样的眼神看回她, 呵呵. 老师出 3 题, 那 3 题对我来说是了如指掌(不懂用错成语还是什么) 虽然是用错成语, 但我也有学习吗...对? :). 仪就抄我的答案, 差点被老师发现. 还好没有, 不然就算作弊了. 然后就是地理, 全世界最闷的节, 哈! 哈终于交出了地理 project 了! 不用再烦鸟! 耶! *高兴* 但是还有一个…

hoop into school life baby ! :D

Hey world! :)
I'm at school now and If you may know :P. May ann, Tze Hyin beside me. The people who didn't exam, exam today, so I can internet? :)
Guess what? school was okay. Biology was fun, I guess. Yea, I talked to Gabriel today, and I asked him something very very very veyr very secret :X shh.
Hey babe, hoop into school life. I guess Dessy is at school now. Jia ying LOL, and Jia En sitting opposite me sharing a computer :P wahahaha.
I think my exams will fail, and alot of them. May Ann is typing posts too :P, so I guess we were typing at the same time, hehe.
Tze Hyin, Joey, Ling Li and Mun Teng were watching my blog :/, I'm like a show-off don't cha think? I hope they won't spread it out :( Sighs. Cool down sook yuen, maybe not :) Sorry, I was just talking to myself, maybe is not talking, its whispering :X hahaha. No one knows? Ahh, got to go, short post will stop. I'll edit more today, or I'll sleep.
Oh wait! I have tuition today, so... maybe I'll edit …