I knew you stare at me :)

Rewind way back to that day.
August 31

National nail ^^

L.A.M.E? I know, Not nice? I know, Not suitable for the day? I know again.

Happy 52th birthday to MALAYSIA
Happy Birthday to Uncle

More? Happy Birthday to How Ying Ting. Story starts like this.
We went to Jusco for shopping, tired, lazy,heavy and of course SUPER DUPER AWESOME . God, thats a day. Then, we went to my cousin's house to celebrate my uncle's birthday, and I text Ying Ting.

" 好就不见, 你还好吗?
生日快乐! "

Todays the last day of holiday, and tomorrow, school again, ugh -.-". We play will 12 a.m.. Quite late. We ate a peach cake choosed by my sis and bought from secret recipe, RM 7x for one, how expensive for a cake like THAT size, and THAT flavor :P. I think that cake was gross, ends up, delicious.It got some lemon in it, how special :). Sorry, I'm lazy to upload all the pictures in here, so feel free to catch up my pictures at facebook, friendster, thanks! :D

September 1

First day of school, holidays finally OVER. Boohoo and Hoorays are here! Maths teacher gave many homework for us. Guess what? No Geo quiz, how happy am I? Jump rope during P.E period, my legs hurts. OUCH! Darn it -.-" I hate jump rope and basketballs. Its a rainy day, so we just stay at the hall and jump ropes, b.o.r.i.n.g~

Bold ostrich riding in nasty guts? LOL :P, made it out myself. Suck huh? And, there's more!
H.A.T.E ~ had a tired evening, lols, MK taught me.Its fun talking with MK. Adds up tymk_mk@hotmail.com, Don't simply add him orh, will kena marah derhs, just here to give some notice.



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