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Wake me up when NOVEMBER ends :)

HELLO, this is the second post which you all know and no need to repeat it. Plus, this is the last post for November. Lets say bye to November.

Bye November

Alright. I know my blog is dying, so I got to post something interesting for all of my sweet readers to read yah (: . Not so excited for December, I think I'll stay at home for the whole month, or maybe going for a vacation.

Okay, lets talk about Twilight & New Moon. I believe that everyone loves both of them, because I heard some screaming & shouting :O, lol. Just gonna ask, which movie you all prefer? Twilight or New Moon?


New Moon

I prefer New Moon, alot! Taylor Lautner looks hot :P.

Taylor Lautner

lol. Okay, skip his part.

Lets talk my story. Today is same as usual, bored. Hey come on, can someone plan some gatherings? I'm fxking bored at home. Online till sien already. Still got some tuition homeworks to do, laaaazzzy to do it D:.

Wish SPM students get straight A's :).

What do you think of this post? co…

1,2,3 ♥

Hey ya'll, first I'm going to reply tags :D

ming: ello :}

jo yenn: relinked & nice blog :P

jo yenn: thanks thannks ^^

Jane: hello, nice to see you again :D

Hyinnn: hyin = leon's babe :P

Guardian Saint: ^O^

Jieying: hey ying. lol, thanks

Jia: jia jia~ ^^

staphanie: have a safe trip okay?

Guardian Saint: hello babe :)

...Kah Hin...: thanks, linked ya too

Hveyy: hello :D

Hveyy: thanks hvey, say hi to your sis, and hi to yourself :P

Jia: hello jia, why with the sad face? (:

Jaen: jaen babe :)

H♥L: hello leon's gal gal xP

Jane: hehe, bunnyyy kawaii~ :P

Jia: great, read em ;)

jo yenn: am fine, thanks for asking. hows you? ;)

Jieying: elloh :D

Jia: thanks ^^


Jane: hey jane jane :X

celestine: 很好, 比我好很多... -.- 是事实!

celestine: 可怜... T_T

SueAnn: hey sue ann :X

celestine: 根本就是! 不是, 应该是说, 简直是 future pianist

celestine: 你美丽吗, 所以把它放上部落咯...

Jia: lol, busy... thanks for supporting jia!

ELLE: pop :P

H♥L: hello leon's girl

Jieying: HEY! :)

skyline: hihi :D

Guardian Saint: its sien XD

Guardian Saint…

Sunway Pyramid, couples ♥


Sunway Pryamid.
Let me describe today's feeling. It was awesome, kept saying woot over again when we're on the way to home.

Woke up on 9 something in the morning, felt like dying because can't get enough sleep yesterday, or maybe I'm too nervous to see him again ._. . Thank god dad did not forget his promise to fetch me there. On the way to Sunway, I was thinking about how Sunway was, because this is the first time I go there -.-" lol. My mom & my sis go along too, my sis wants to ice skate.

Saw many maps there. My sis said toilets are way creepy there. lol. Went to Mcdonalds. Saw Song Wei from far away, his hair is way to high, love it :). Greet them there, saw him, Li Ann, Song Wei and where the hell is Leon ._." Li Ann was pointing at me and he said:" oii, sook yuen worh " I haven't get ready to talk to him yet, anyway, I'm pretty nervous.

Went breakfast with my mom & sis. Ate a bowl of noodles, he sms-ed me, it was too noi…

愛テンシ will always love you.

me&may's conversation :).

My blog is dead. And I bet no one is reading it now. If you do, thanks to you. Holidays are so boring and yet I have many kinds of events, birthday parties, hang out with my new school pals and much more.

Sorry for not posting for yesterday. I went to my cousin's house, again. Its because it was my aunt's birthday, and my cousin's birthday (actually is after 3 days) ._. , its okay. Anyway.

Happy Birthday to my aunt
(November 27)

Happy Birthday to my young cousin Kok Tung
(November 29)

Bought new jeans from SOGO :D love it. And the day I was waiting for. Tomorrow.
November 28.
But, I don't feel like going. Because there's some incident between US. And its MY FAULT! I can't blame anyone.

just received a song from Shi Chyi at facebook, thanks :).

Out of words for today, not in a great mood.
:Mood:sad, disappoint&mad of myself.

To my dearest friend :)

Happy Birthday to my cute friend
Su Han

It was a fun day yesterday, went to Su han's :). Around 3 in the afternoon, Su han's mom fetch me and we went to buy Su han's cake. We went to starbucks and much more ._. but still, we can't find her cake. Following her mom makes me so tired -.-. We went supermarket and bought junk food, nuggets, fries and more. Back to Su han's and I'm so tired. Went in her princess room, and woah it was big and nice of course. After that, celestine came, and they started playing han's piano. I have no talent -.-

celestine (sook yi) the future pianist.

and other pictures to continue :)

beer dude :). cute.

bunny & guitar.

me playing han's bro guitar.
(i don't know how to play actually :P)

finally, secret recipe's cake.

end of the story :D. After the party, Han's aunt fetch me back.

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I'm a terrible person- ♥

Hello loves.
Just wanna say, holidays are so bored don't all of you agree? Holidays just pass so s l o w~ Some people went for vacation, good for them (: for those who just stay at home, eat, drink, play, sleep, pity them D: , and I am one of them too -.-". LOL.

Just startedwatching 终级三国 today. It was quite awesome.
Nothing much to say :D, bye

Thanks for the comments/ tags

Guardian Saint: hello, no post -.-

Jieying: yea, xD

staphanie: 你来我的 blog 就是告诉伶俐 "凡是有可能的 " ?

Jia: :)

lingli: 可能的..

Jane: hello janee

Joannah: hey joannah~

skyline: hello sky line :P

Jia: lol, true :)

Guardian Saint: hey love :D

Joy 快乐: ya ^^

ELLLE: hello? :D

Jane: jane, hey!

WanXin.: HEEEELLLO backs :P

staphanie: welcome babe :)

jia: hey jiaaaaaaaaa (:

H♥L: hyin, thanks :X

Jieying: replying nowww

Edward Chai: linked


H♥L: hope we can same class bahs :D

Jia: lol, double?

Jia: cool~


Jolin: JOLIN babe :)

Isaac wong: okie :D

sorry, its very very long -.-".

Thanks everyone for leaving comments :D

Girl's outing, Midvalley ♥

Ally, Li, Me & May

We went Midvalley yesterday, don't forget about Joey. May came to fetch me around 11: 15 in the morning and out we go. We went to MCdonalds and search for Li, and then we saw her there. She was laughing at us -.- and I saw Ally too ^^, She's pretty like hell man :).

Joey came last. After we bought popcorn and drinks, we went in the cinema. The movie we watched was 2012. Man, I love that movie. Its nice and realistic, the waves crashes. Love it! So cold there, I was frozen and ... lol -.-"

after we finished watching the movie. We went for lunch, and walked around. Guess who we saw? someone ._. eating ice-cream -.-". It was a short hang out, because I went back early. :( how sad..

You are not alone, for I am here with you ♥

I'll be your wishing star :)

Hey blog readers, sorry for not posting for 1 day. I had nothing to post, so.. no post. Oh right, I forgot to tell all of you. Standard 6 students got their UPSR results today and I hope all of them get 7A's !

Holidays are quite bored. Just stay at home and do nothing :(, thanks for the people who visit my blog. Gonna reply all messages, that I left there for so long. Too many, need time yarh :).

Isaac wong: hey Isaac, long time :P lol

Dessy: DES! yup, i'm having a great time yarh

ELLLE: bubyeee

ELLLE: lol :P

jane: hello again :)

lingli: welcome, hope you love it

H♥L: no need to be sad de..

Jieying: will post very soon


sook yi: -.-

h♥L: yerrrm your name :X hyin love leon :P


Jieying: hello~

钰: relinked

钰: heellos

jane: Hello~

ELLLE: lol, thanks for reading, and its okay

ELLLE: oh ic


ELLLE: lol, thanks elle :P

Angel: sorry angel :P will post long long de lah.. no worries


sook yi: -.-

jo …

Last day; we step out from form 1 life.

Today's the last day of all form 1's and next year, we'll step on form 2 life. I miss everyone. JR1G brought me great memories that I will always remember and never forget. Even though I'm not quite welcome by they all, but still, thats my class and I will love it, so fxck off stupid haters. I wish I can be as same class as my friends and hate to be as same class as the people I hate (won't happen)

Went to our great hall, and mcdonald took the speech. So bored that I almost die, and my legs were pain like hell. After that, we went back to our class. You can't believe it, we had 1 hour break time, I mean Kuen Cheng for 1 hour break time? haa, yes 1 hour! ^^

Went back to class and join Joey for a sing along -.-" . Saw my sweetheart and his friend. We poked each other again. I love him :). Still waiting for the 28th. Teacher came and give us our results, who needs the second term results anyway? I want the third term results. She scream out names.

1st place: Bel…

Words from my heart. ♥

Hey awesome readers! Today I guess I'll post 3 posts or just 2. I guess it was 2, not quite sure. I know all of us is almost holiday, and some are already in holiday times. Cut the chip-chap, I wanna tell my classmates something that I wouldn't say with my mouth.

first the teachers.

余老师: 谢谢你一直以来都支持我, 虽然只是在家联里, 但是, 我真的很满足, 至于华语课, 真的是很闷的 -.-" , 请改改你的教法吧!

林老师: 谢谢你让我认识许多知识, 你的故事也蛮有兴趣的.

Cikgu Tina: Saya mesti mengucapkan terima kasih kepada beliau walaupun beliau sangat garang xD.

符老师: 谢谢你支持我, 还有送我礼物, 真的很高兴有你这位教师. 还有鼓励我无论做什么事情都不要想结果, 最重要是尽力而为!

Mr.Loh: Sometimes, I felt like your a poor teacher, letting students to chat during class, no one ever listens to you. So, I'm here to say sorry to you, hope you can forgive all of us.

其他的老师, other teachers, guru yang lain: 谢谢你们! Thank you to all! Terima kasih kepada semua guru yang mengajar kami!

PS:my bahasa is worst

and of course, JR1G classmates.


Joey (Jo Ei): Thanks for cheering me up always, no matter what happens, you'll always…

Happy birthday to you!

Before I type this post, I want to say something.

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend
Chong Ling Li!

Well, at first I was wondering if I could go to her birthday cause, May can't fetch me and well Joey was, quite far away, so yeah.

I woke up on 10 in the morning, and I was so darn tired because of yesterday. So, my dad brought us (my family) went some photograph shop to take our photos, I look so ugly. After that, we went to "海南" to drink some tea, its was quite good :).

On the way home, Joey called. And she was asking If I could go to Ling Li's birthday, I said no. But she wants me to go so badly, too bad I don't have transport :( , plus my dad was busy working. I was like, its okay if I wasn't there. Then she said her mom can fetch me -.-", so shocked and was happy of course, so after I went home, nothing to do, just watched Tv as usual.

Okay, first May called and said she can't go, second time, she said she can fetch me -.-, weird... Then she called Joe…

If you want to be like that way, just forget it :).

click to enlarge.

This song+video and this picture explain today's mood :).

Does every girl need a good hair day?

Thanks to Mr.Foo for the present.

Ugh, I'm sick, totally sick. Sneeze, sore throat, and sometimes I can't even breathe :'(. Oh yeah, thanks to Mr.Foo for the present. The reason I've got this present because, Me, Wei Xiong and Jover, the three of us got the highest mark on Chemistry (abit perasaan here -.-"). Wei Xiong and Jover got the green ones, and I got the blue one ._.". Quite special. Jover got a file and a panda pen from Mr.Foo, childish things lol, but still I love it. The others got small keychains :).

Wonder why I post so early, because I don't wanna post lately EVERYDAY. Sometimes going wrong with me and my friends and him. I heard that they were going to play... ugh, never mind.. Won't mind these kind of small matters.


The finals;

Today is the finals for our class competition. All I can say is, AWESOME! After maths period, all of us have fun, I enjoyed it while playing with Joey, May, Li, Teng, Yee, Fish, Fong and others, sorry if I didn't list out your names. We played ABCD and Sergeant, FIB that kind of games. Although me & Fong kept playing the wrong way, but fun is all I can say :D.

Our chinese teacher is sooo, ugh, don't wanna talk about it. I was reading Song Wei's book. A wimpy kid's diary, quite nice, try it, and I don't know if my spelling is wrong or not. So, after chinese, we went down and watch.

JR1G spirit!

I kept shouting, and my throat became more sore now. I told that scardy cat to shout, but she was like... ugh.. Don't wanna talk about it. Basketball was quite funny, the Mei Yan part. She kept blocking number 6 from other class. So funny lol, they're like dancing tango. But still I wanna congrats N class for winning.

Badminton? Don't wanna talk about it. WE WON! …

you are the reason I breathe ♯♥

I feeling bored yesterday, so I played this game, and its pretty awesome even though its lame :). You must help that ball to get those flags by using the crayon pen matter thing to move the ball, thats it! Quite easy yea, but you must not let the ball fall. I'm pretty sure everyone could play it till level 32 (maximum level).

Of to the topic. And if your wondering why I didn't online all day, its because I was hanging out with my dad and sister at Midvalley yesterday. We enjoyed it. We bought many kinds of stuffs, all should I say, shop till we drop? We ate baskinrobbins :D! And now my throat is sore D: . Its sooooooooooooooooooorreee :'(. We did take away some too -.-".

Alright, class competition. We lost on Ping Pong because B class was too PRO, congratulations to them and Boohoo for us, no need to be sad, because, we tried our best. No worries, no one will blame all of you. We won basketball, for boys :P. You guys rock! ^^ I don't know if we lose or win on badmin…

Cherries on the top :D ♪

Cheeeerries on top.
Out of words :X.

# Continue

Lets continue the previous post.
Where was I, hmm. Oh yeah, computer period. right. Computer period was hyppperrr! (This is the second time that I said that). Okay, during computer period, Jake (I don't think that is his name) kept google search Gabriel, somemore Gaybriel -.-". He had 5 restaurants, 1 casino and 6 err.. tut.. :P And thats the funny part, bad part was, ughh, don't wanna talk about it.

My finger hurts like hell today (because of an inccident SOMEONE make) I'm not quite sure who is that SOMEONE too -.-, lame jokes yea. Skip parts. Here's a message for another someone.

Thanks for the advice but, i think your just freaking jealous about us cause you boyfriend haven't did that to you before, don't talk too much of how sick people are :), may god bless you.

:D. And thats how happeneds. Worried about something, but wouldn't tell, so secret, hahaha, don't be curious :). Art, teacher drew something on your paper and you have to continue it.


Its hard to say, but I ♥ you :).

Unbelieveable day I can say, yesterday I'm out of words, but today, wicked! :D. And if your wondering why am I typing a post in 11:15a.m. in the morning, yes, I'm at computer class for now. Two periods of woohoo-ing (means, surfing the net) Quite lagg here *sads* The internet only have 10 speed, 10 speed man!!

I'm going to Sunway soon, *HYPERR* going to watch 2012, new movieeee :D. And if anyone who is late, they have to buy starbucks coffee to them D: aww, gonna tell my dad to be earlier. Hehehe, so exciting! waiting it to arrive soon. *waiting* He never post. Grr, gonna kill him afterwards.

Maths was bored D: ,Good thing I know how to do those hard as stone maths exercises. Second period went to the hall and watch the singing competition finals, its awesome. Some voices made me shivers (i don't know how to spell, maybe is this spelling O_O) My friend got second place, how awesome its that, WOOHHHOOO.

I wonder why Mr.Loh was absent. :O nothing much to type, got ta go, co…

your 100% loved; ♥


Before typing this post, I had something to announce.

Click here for her link. Remember to link her! or else...
Okay, lets continue.

Time pass so fast huh? Today's the third day of our class competition. Basketball (boys) , ping pong (girls) I guess and badminton. JR1G + U! Sweetie gone for basketball, gambateh! ^^ Quite lonely, and my friends ignored me, what a loser -.- (I meant me)

Biology, just copy notes and one period down. Music was quite bored too, watched, Williem the signing whale and Peter and the wolf. Still remember the name, how lame am I. Walt Disney shows -.-. I'm turning back to a 3 year old kid. Went to chemistry lab, saw him standing out the door, aww, how sad.. :(.

There's nothing to talk about, :). I'm out of words -.-" byee

Follow your heart (:

Sorry sweetie

Second day of our class competition, everyone is still, well, getting excited about it. Girls basketball (for girls) and badminton, plus ping pong. I'm moody again, emo. Its related to the argument yesterday. Its hard to have a smile on my face when he ignores me :(. And, Mr.Loh told me to do question 14 (his class number), I said:" i hate 14 " I'm an idiot, gosh, I shouldn't said that. So, me & Joey talked about it, when I was talking to her, tears suddenly rolled down, you know what I mean right? of course you do :). So sad, skip this part. Thanks Joey for cheering me up, best friends for life.

No P.E period. No teacher came in too. Sighs. Me, both Stephanie's went for recess. Shi Han and Yoke Ping joined :). Chinese period, omfg, I haven't finish my homework! :O, maybe later, after I finish this post. Fish told me that she and Lianna argue about something. 同病相怜, lol :P. I think she's worst than me, but lastly she's back with Lia…

fake smile, real tears; ♥

fake smile, real tears

Today is suppose to be a happy day, but after something happened, I felt sad about it. Our class competition starts from today till November 10 or 11. Maybe its 10, whatever! :x lol. Whats a class competition? It means our school organized 4 types of ball competition. Like, ping pong, badminton, volley ball and basketball. Volley ball is not included, its only for form 2~Senior 1. And every class must have at least 10 people to participate every types of ball, if you don't understand its okay. Because I suck at explaining things in English -.-" I suck, haaaha.

Today was badminton and ping pong. I'm just a loser watching all the pro's walking out from our class. Played games with Stephanie and Staphanie. Lol, both stephanie's. I never been this happy for so long, haaha, just kidding, but seriously -.-. Me and Joey sat together, it was fun as usual. And making gabriel smile alot. I hope Staphanie doesn't hate those 3 person anymore. just may…