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Wake me up when NOVEMBER ends :)

1,2,3 ♥

Sunway Pyramid, couples ♥

愛テンシ will always love you.

To my dearest friend :)

I'm a terrible person- ♥

Thanks for the comments/ tags

Girl's outing, Midvalley ♥

You are not alone, for I am here with you ♥

Last day; we step out from form 1 life.

Words from my heart. ♥

Happy birthday to you!

If you want to be like that way, just forget it :).

Does every girl need a good hair day?

The finals;

you are the reason I breathe ♯♥

Cherries on the top :D ♪

# Continue

Its hard to say, but I ♥ you :).

your 100% loved; ♥

Follow your heart (:

fake smile, real tears; ♥