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I'm the girl with the worst attention ♥

I had no doubt why I put this painting. Its nice right, and of course, its not by me. Guess who's that cute little baby?

Not only paintings, and some drawings!

This is Ban Yee Hang -.- so call "spy"

I drew it on MSN, quite weird.

LOL. And I made a new system on my blog. Try clicking "right click" ;D. Its cool. I'm craving for some cakes now, can someone get me some? :P.

Lastly, there's someone who changed to other school. She's Jia ying (Malinder). We will miss you alot, and we hope that you will be happy at the other school, we will remember the days we had with you along. Keep smiling :).

Okay, painting time.

ballet shoes



ballet girl

All for them are oil painting. Nice huh? You will be drawing one of them soon :P. By the way, that women looks like Megan fox.

After searching Megax Fox's pictures, realize that:

She's Megan Fox. -.-, 100% match.
Gotta go, enjoy my blog&pictures :). Thanks and bubbye.

*wicked* Barney dudes in tha house ;p

Hey guys, how smart Barney is. He can graduate with this 'weirdish maths' .

Barney-I conversation.
"Barney!" V
"hey Victoria" B
"how do you do this 'weirdish maths' thing?" V
"I counted it myself" B
"oh, how many fingers you have there?" V
"1,2,3,4, 6!" B
"you have 4 -.-" V
"no, 6!" B
"okay, get off my channel" V
"aww, cookie-biscuits -.-" B

Barney's off and here I talk ;). So, Me& Joey went to decorate the hall today, not only us, they are some seniors too. We hung the lanterns and stuffs, its pretty fun. Then, i think nothing else.

Bye, and ? cookie-biscuits ! ;P

Welcome to hell ;D.

Yes, I'm in hell now. JR2C = hell.
There's many many, not just many, a bunch of quizzes. It was like a manager or a star with full book of schedule. Next week, death. Full booking, only Friday. Everyday quiz, quiz and quiz! I really headache. Please let me relax at least 2 days? And teachers, please don't give us quiz anymore, pretty please?

FYI: JR2K/L = heaven

What a busy day. Especially maths period, teacher makes me forgot all the formulae -.- . She keeps "level uping". Didn't go to the library today, 'cause Mun Teng's sickness getting worst. Hope she recovers fast..

PS: I'mma nerd :P.

lend my hands to poor children

Nothing to post for today. So, I'm gonna type about yesterday. Okay, I slept like 1 a.m. yesterday, then I woke up at 3 a.m. cause there's NO ELECTRIC at night. Its so hot, ugh. I can't sleep at all. I slept at 4 a.m. then I woke up at 5.30 a.m. So tired. UGH! its all the stupid electric man's fault.

Maths drools my head around. Mun Teng's sick today. Hope she's fine for tomorrow. Don't I mention I hate P.E? Yes, I hate P.E, but I made some friends ;). 文旋~ Okay, today may confessed to monkey. She ran and kissed monkey's back head. Monkey was shocked and he hurted May. -_- Maaay, I can't believe you did that, I wouldn't confess to a guy infront all of us.

Nothing to talk about.

Important news, even passersby must read!

click to ex-large

Please, donate... Just one click to donate.

Click hereto donate. Be a good person okay? After donating, tell all your friends about it.

Please & thanks!

they need you. Please give them a hand. Not chop your hands off okay -_-". Thanks all!



Argh, the third post. Being random above there. Not to mention it, my hair is short right? I just tied it up xD. Just wanna post some stupid quiz thing to keep myself remembering.

- Geography (chinese) chapter 1

- Science pg 125-130

- Sejarah bab 1
- Physics chapter 9

Okay. See, many quizes lah. Brain freezed! -_-". LOL.

Birthday wishes ;D

Happy Birthday to a delicious fish ;P [Ally FY]
(January 23)


Yes, we had school, but it was only 3 periods. Then off we went to the 新春庙会. Many stalls there, Joey bought lots of stuff, and I'm the one who was taking those. LOL. May Ann, Mun Kit, Tze Hyin, Jian Xiang and a girl in my class performed at stage or outside.

Stupid Ban told me that Gabriel wants to search for me. Then I searching for him like a fcking noob. And hooray, I saw him, but you know what he said? NO. Gonna kill that Ban -_-. I used my bottle to wacked him, thats not hard at all, just wack him by his arm. Won't die de lah.

We went to the basketball court, following Song Wei, Mun Teng and Joey, plus Ling Li and more. I sat with song wei, which I was trying to tell him, how worst my mood was today. He doesn't seem to care, so, whatever. He didn't even talk to me (not song wei its him!) He just love his ball!

Lastly, back tuh class, sat down, lay my head down, cry. Thats what a noob girl will do. I hope someone can talk to me about it, I'm so... :'(. Mun Ten…

One time;

January have the most least posts, so I decided to post more than 40 posts. 3 posts a day -.- , lol. Not that crazy about blogging, ohkay. What I wrote about, it will never reply again. Believe me. In this post, maybe I will just upload some photography.

Lets prepare some smiley, candle, cake, heart or any kind of balloons, and 14 candles above the cake, some wrapped gifts or some greeting cards, some delicious food, a knife which is beside the cake, and lastly said happy birthday to the girl which is turning to fouurrrteen. Its her birthay tomorrow, so lets get packing ;).

Time for some funny quotes.

okay, the post ends here, tuhdles :D

boy, to be honest, your smile is gorgeous

boy: thanks, i think my smile is gorrrrgeous ;)

okay, fck off -.-. Ahahah, just kidding. Every guys's smile are different. Some are sweet, some are ughh. back tuh the topic. I decided not to set my blog to private, ;). Thanks for supporting, and I found a team of funny olympic runners.

okay, woah, look at that. Guys with 80's hair wearing the same number singlets -.- OMFG. how "pretty" they are. Okie dokie, skip parts please.

School was okay, probably. We got some quizes to do next friday and thursday.

- Science pg 125~130

- Sejarah bab 1
- Physics bab 9

feeling the pressure. Argh. Geografi quiz was okay for me, but seriously, Mun Teng is way awesome that I thought. She's frigging awesome ;). And for tomorrow, we'll be starting a charity sale which my class didn't own a stall, plus, I get to swag around with my buddies & my sweetie. Many students bring handphone, i think. Lets enjoy the fun tomorrow, and lastly we need to clean our fugging clas…

don't think you are lonely, your just thinking nonsense

I was talking to a guy friend yesterday, not boyfriend ohokay? He told me that blogs should be private and not shown to everyone, 'cause blog is like a diary, and I was thinking to set it private , and don't show to anybody. Should I set it private? And wtf no one loves or likes my blog, just dislike it, 'cause I'm posting ENGLISH POSTS. Posting chinese posts makes my school pupils interested 'cause they all are CHINESE! my english ain't hard, just worst than many kinds/tons of people. Its easy to understand it. Okay, back to the privacy topic, should I private it or not? I was thinking it, please leave some comments and TELL ME, THANK YOU!

About school, ugh the pressure, the smart students around me. I'm dumb. Just keep it a secret, please. Sometimes my friend just don't want me to follow them I think. So they just find some reason to get rid of me, just tell me when you want to. I won't 'mind' ;). Always welcome.

Homeworks? puuuhhh.

not my ha…


Yea, the funny and scared thing was, when almost after recess, left 15 mins, me & Joey queue and waited for the lift. The line was long, 'cause the other lift was BROKE DOWN. Plus Joey was sick, so all we had to do it take the fugging lift! The 1st time lift was full, so we took the 2nd time. The senior at the back of us kept pressing the lift button, WTF, she's broking it... The second lift was here, so we took it, there were guys in it, many of them. Sighs, I stucked with one of them.. So hot and we're all like smashed potato's -.-

Then we're off to the toilet, we only left 5 mins. I thought I was the one who was late for class, but I'm not, hahaha ;). Great. School was okay for me, and for now. When school's over, went in the bus, sat with Chin Yau! :D. Cute girl, infront of me was, Leon & Jiho, they kept starring me for no reason, said that I'm ugly or something. Yes, I agreed I'm ugly.

New friend, Xin yu :). Wong Xin Yu.

; Bye.

always be my babe; ♥

Yo dudes! :D. Okay, I know girls are not suppose to say "YO" maybe I'm the first one, hahaha, no i'm not. WTH (what the heck) just get in the point. I updated my blog & my facebook, its been a week since I haven't touch those 'things'.

My friend told me to post, not that I don't wanna post, I had nothing to post here, seriously. Just putting pictures out, and was like, 'nice picture huh?' 'awesome' lol. Sorry my english is bad, not just bad, worst ones, so please forgive meh, Thank you.

Oh, sorry,

Happy Belated Birthday to Lee Shirly & Moon
(January 07)
Happy Belated Birthday to Amanda Yumi
(January 10)
Happy Belated birthday to Stephanie
(January 11)

Sorry for the late birthday wishes, I don't see 4 of you much *cries* anyways, Happy Birthday babes ;).


another picture, nice huh? so bored.
FYI:I haven't finish my homework :).
School tomorrow, bored, stupid. I hate school!

Victoria,agrees what this image says.

nothing to write, p…

a winner never quits and a quitter never wins

school today ugh! bored, tired. Suki's was absent today, because she's sick, take care. And, SO AM I! -.-

Just webcam with jojo, lol.

ilookweird -.-

hahah, stole it from jojo.

jojo is hawt ;b

what am I staring? -.-

cute jojo x)

Okay, more pictures at jo's blog. And, umm. banyak homeworks lah weh! we discussed the 义卖会 thing when we had time, all of us! 11~1p.m. bahhh, not interested. Gonna think of something to post, haven't finish my homework D: didn't pass up physics today, teacher's gonna kill meh.
fyi:stupid girl on the way ;).

and and and, I don't know what to post! ):
bye :D

aim for the sky and you never fall far

School was okay. Just, 3 or 4 homeworks in one day :). Saw Elle & Jane. Jane doesn't seem to know me when I said hi to her, lol. This is normal cause, I'm f-ugly at school xD. Finally can relax for today, haven't finish my homeworks :O, or hmm, maybe later -.-.

School tomorrow, ughh. So far my class was okay. Maths quiz today, can't finish some of them, my maths sucks D: and someone tagged me -.-

1. 被点到必填
2. 不能擅自涂改题目
3. 写完请点几位朋友,一定要写!!
4. 写完后请通知那几位朋友他被点到了。。

****----------个 人 題 - 17 題 ----------****
[ 01 ] 你的名字 : Victoria
[ 02 ] 你的绰号 : don't know
[ 03 ] 你几岁 : 14
[ 04 ] 你的生日 : January 3
[ 05 ] 你的血型 : forgot
[ 06 ] 你的星座 : Capricorn
[ 07 ] 你的个性 : don't know. Emo?
[ 08 ] 你的身高 : who knows, who cares?
[ 09 ] 你的体重 : forgot
[ 10 ] 你住哪里 : your mother's house
[ 11 ] 你会抽烟吗 : no
[ 12 ] 你会喝酒吗 : not much
[ 13 ] 你很自恋吗 : hell yes ;)
[ 14 ] 你是男还是女 : female
[ 15 ] 你现在的学校 : Kuen Cheng High
[ 16 ] 你有沒有手机 : yes
[ 17 ] 你有多少个耳洞 : 2

****----------喜 爱 题 - 12 題 ----------****
[ 01 ] 你的偶像 :…

you stupid, but your my stupid :)

sorry guys, i won't be able to post everyday. They're lots of homeworks for me everyday, not lots is BUNCH! :( oww, shyty! Plusss, what about studies? no one force me to study actually. I wanted to score high score for my 1st term exam.

will gambateh! :D!


victoria, with loves

aww,f-cking sad

ahem, I just saw one of my friend's blog, which its was not on my link list. I just they just don't want to tell me, eh, I won't mind. Okay, skip that part. School, assembly, and lots of "interesting" stories that never happen.

I felt so, unhappy when school was going to start or should I say this weekend. Because of something happen to me last year, and I hate it to happen again this year. I don't know, just, I think "they" just don't treat me part of their friend, they're like using me. And of course, everyone hates their friends using them, right?

And erm, I tried to tell my sweetheart. But everytime I wanted to speak, its like something stucking on my throat, .. so, I choosen not to tell. Everytime I was like
" err.., *swallows* " I said
" what? " he asked
" nothing... " I said
" tell me.. " he said
" really, its nothing.. :) "

I tried to fake a smile, i was crying that time.. I…

pull me up, ♥

HEY guys! Sorry for not posting for so long. Okay, lets say, no one will read my blog lah -.-. If you do, please leave a message, will you? ;). So, how are all of you. Yea, my english is way too broken, but you can't blame the english b-r-o-k-e-r-s -.-, heh, not funny..

Okay, umm, what should we talk about?
School I perhaps. Everyone's talking & posting about school rights. Its normal. Yea, school, umm, many homeworks these days, and, trying to memories all the formula. Maths, Geografi... My heads bursting! well almost.

I saw ELLE! the 4th time :D, and she saw me one time, lol. Here's a song for all of you! :).

bad romance by lady gaga.

What happen today?
Yup, school today. Bored. Plus we had a great speech by 梁浩老师. I know the speech its kinda bored, but I learned something. We must learn to love ourself so that we can love others. You know what I mean? If you don't, you will understand very soon :). Wish I could be like him, ;).

outofwords babes (:

I close my eyes, when the flashback starts

hahaha, hey guys, first of all I wanna say is, thanks for the ones who wishes me happy birthday. Second, I wanna say is, about my previous day...

january 04
school starts today. what a boring day. almost get late -.-" its the bus uncle's fault, not mine :X. Ran out the wrong floor, how lame.. Assembly starts at 8-ish, welcoming the new students, can't believe it, I saw Elle with her new uniform, she looks cute ;). Our class teacher, 彭淑莹, she's good, I guess. Thats all I wanna say, bye all.

okay, that was lame right? I know, i know.
thats all I wanna say, bye~ :)

welcome 2010 (:

Happy New Year!
best wishes to my family, friends & love ones :).

Well, time pass so fast. And, school almost start, die. 2 more days till school starts, and 1 more day till my birthday ;).

Next year, JR2C, 7th floor. Nervous. Sighs :(.
Good Luck to all ;D, nothing to post.

And to Ling li: will do your tag. Thanks & Happy New Year!

out of words.

:) Bye.