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back to school today.
oh damn, i was so tired today, plus curriculum? i'm dead.. i did not listen a single thing teacher said, okay maybe just a little. I was too tired to do so. I want to sleep then. went recess with Mun Teng :D and we kinda late because of the long queue. we were mad! XD

Congratulations to Cikgu Suraida, although she was in the hospital checking her baby, but i still wish her to be healthy and happy. from now on, Cigku Halizah (i think thats her name) will take over our class for Cigku Suraida until she comes back. she's a good teacher. and guess what? Cigku Suraida's baby was a baby girl ^^. aww~

Geografi is as bored as usual, since Cikgu Tina was gone :'(. I realized that most of our teachers are changing. like Cigku Norizan, she got to go to another school. why? every good teachers gone away and changed to the worst ones.

we drew the same things like last years. bamboo and bird, its hard to draw you know? i drew and teacher said that I'…

i want heart-to-heart conversation,

and boy your the only one that give me.

:'( not a great day until I realised something. forget it.
and, no hopes for C class :| all lose, last.

I finally get to hang out publicly with him :D. this is the good news. i was too excited in the morning. can't wait for the real day to come. but it will be as boring as today. I learnt something, its better to follow her unlike the others, thrown me away, like junk.

thanks for my mum too. she prepared delicious food for me :). congratulations to the old him. ran first place in each face, he won everything but never a girl's heart. lol. i love sport day. but its so boring doing nothing there :/. watched GLEE! -.- . just abit, i think its just okay.

someone is gay, gay lou -.-. don't hug my baby in public. you-know-who-you-are lol.

-just be happy no matter what.

pause.going. fading. away. gone. :'(

hey guys, short update.
excited for tomorrow :D.

JR2C! Gambateh!

okay, bye... busy now.


see this desert above. it looks like my blog huh?
its usual, got the Sejarah average marks, not so happy about it. but still okay. congratulations to cheeseham. our chinese teacher collected our exam papers back. whatthafack? :|

Monday is our sports preliminary contest day. means trial match. but i don't care about it. i just want to have fun there. i expect that my "friends" will leave alone, like usual. so, its just us. i'm excited, don't know why.

2C kar yao!! :D
^^.. hehehe, just being random like everyone else here. i think i won't be with my so call friends that day.

hey, i think i should log my blog yeah. no one's interest and many hates it. i think. chinese is not good. use english to type better.

heavy rain in noon, hope your here for me..

today was a great day, until something happened.

when i was in school, mun teng said that she did not bring her KH notes & exercise book, so i accompany her to call her parents. why is KH exercise book & notes so important? yes, is important because if we did not bring it, our teacher will take away 10 marks of ours. i didn't bring too :).

ahh, man i was tired today. i slept during maths. then the last period, KH, i told teacher my reason, and she accepted.

curriculum. nothing to do, went out to watch the band practising. all i can say is, YALL GUYS RAWK :D. when we're on the way, its raining heavily, and i thought it would stop after awhile, but no. its a strange rain. my socks & shoes gone wettttt D: i love that pair of shoes... -.-

okie... wait, a tag

i want you, only you ;). ♥

i made it just for you.even though its not perfect.

class & curriculum photo shooting today. under the fugging hot sun. get to stand with mun teng in the middle of the camera, while the others surrounding us. stupid flash hurts my eye, both. thank god the photographer didn't nag about the line. saw discipline teacher & other teachers holding scissors everywhere and get ready to cut all you hairs off -.-

it was tiring day i can say. the curriculum photo, far away from joey, which we used to be together while taking photos. almost raining when shooting photos.
fake a smile and here we go,
i don't think i'm beautiful in there, but i don't care. its only for memories :).

Physics, sick of the marks. i'm quite jealous about her marks, but i can't take hers. so, one thing to do is to work more harder than her.

currently listening- Cheryl Cole; Fight for this love.

my version, fight for exams.

umm, KH was okay :').

picture of the day, the earth.
This Saturday


click to view.

ey guys, i bet you know what am I going to talk about today.

yes, results. about that... it kinda hurts me :/ but still, we have to face those monsters. thank god my chinese passed... actually, i have no confidence in everything except Sejarah. when i get my exam paper, i felt sad, because the others got higher marks than me. but, its alright me. i don't know why, since 2010 January, school starts, i changed alot. i turned lazy, don't care and weird. i hope this "personality" doesn't continue on -.-

tomorrow, face my doom. first, the class photo. I hate to take pictures of myself in school, i look fugly. seriously... second, the exam papers, included Physics & KH. tons of people fail Physics. i don't know if I did. KH, i don't care. see! my stupid personality is shown again :(

eek.what about today?

well, finally back to the school. i hate school!

you can't sleep till noonteacher's nag your marks
but if you go back to school, you can


my earing...

hey guys, finally update here. but now i'm here to update because of a sad thing. if you add me and online yesterday 2:41 a.m. you'll know whats happening to me. its not a big problem, but still want to let you know. I lost my earing :(.

went Midvalley yesterday, saw my favourite shop again ^^. I don't know why i'm so happy yesterday, maybe its not because of the shopping, weird ;O. but i lost something precious.

school's starting tomorrow, some haven't finish homework, like me :D, some have to face the exams, homework flood again. i hate school seriously. i love school because i can see my friends again, which i'm not sure if they glad to see me, and bad thing is, tha results :/.

i don't think my results will be good this term, study next time lah :).

i don't know why everyone starting to like Justin Bieber, just like me :D.

:D. love his songs.
okay guys, good luck for school tomorrow ;).


heh, got tagged by Staphanie ;). first, the tag, then the bento pictures :D


美欣! :)

有过的打圈-O 不曾有过的打叉-X

(1) 耳洞:O

(2) 染发:X

(3) 抽烟:X

(4) 喝酒:X

(5) 宠物:O

(6) 牙套:X

(7) 手机:O

(8) 出国:O

(9) 恋爱:O

(10) 自杀:X

(11) 自拍:O

(12) 网咖:O

(13) 刺青:X

(14) 接吻:X


1. 家人永远开开心心, 身体健康
2. 他抽些时间来陪伴我
3. 朋友们开开心心
4. 成绩优秀
5. 事事顺利

3··如果你の生命只剩下一天 你会做些什么疯狂的事情? (至少5个哦!)

1. 和家人拍照做纪念
2. 和他一起出街
3. 吃些从未吃过的东西
4. 逛街!
5. 签下死后把身体器官捐给需要的人的合约


1. photography
2. my type
3. sweet songs


朋友是不可以比较的, 每个都对我很好~ ^^


因为他们每个对我很好... 而且大家也是同班同学



答: 1次


答: 张志扬 (你杀得起么?)


答: 很温柔


答: 99.9%


答: 5个月了


答: 生日&情人节



答: 嗯...


答: 还是不能... 女人要自尊心的!



谁要做都可以~ ^^


there are all kinds of bentos. they are so darn cute :3.

wall-e bento ^^

hello kitty…

I'm still a kid. a weird one ;)

ready for battle

rocket :)

final score

hey guys, like my title says,
" i'm still a kid. a weird one "

what does it means? it means, i'm still a kid because i still play online games, which i don't play often. weird is, i play guy's games. usually, when we say shooting games, we will think it is for only guys, not girls. but i don't really agree with. girls can play fighting or shooting games too right? not just dress up or make up. wtf? thats too bored for me :).

so, today, i'm going to introduce you, girls&guys for this game. its name is boxhead. its fuuun, try it out! it has 1 or 2 players (maximum is 2). if you want to play with your friends, you must work out with him/her. you can also change the control panel. don't forget about the weapons, don't hurt your friends using the weapons, you'll lose! :D.


went to my cousin's wedding, at Ampang Park.
strange thing happened, but not a bad thing, choi choi :D. besides Sylvia & Kelvin, there's another couple was going to married too :). hehehe, 双喜临门.

I went there to enjoy the food, nothing else. my cousin, the bride. she was so beautiful. so hungry and bored there, but the food were delicious lah x). and my cousin & his lao gong kissed. romantic nehhhhh~ ^^

Sylvia&Kelvin, forever.


we're ...
i can't say. because i'm not ready that you'll leave me. not ready to be single.

i don't know. yesterday, after you said that, i cried sadly, my eyes turned red. i can't believe that i could cry like that. maybe I didn't cry that hard long ago. my pillow was full of tears. when I was infront of my bedroom mirror, everything that we had passed by my mind. i'm sorry, i don't want to lose you, i'm not ready to grow up, i still need you.


I have a perfect day,

but some bad news ruined it.

bad news?
Yes, maths got 66.5% only! I think I'm worst person in class!

good news?
Exam was over just like 3 hours ago :D.

Today's Subject: Physics, KH

Physics: he gave us tips, but they weren't any in the exam paper!
KH: *coughs* tem... *coughs* ba.. *coughs* k :)

Today was great, i met Joannah, hahah, she's very cute, like a mouse xP. After exam, I was hopping around in school, the stairs, people think i'm crazy. Oh right.. I AM CRAZY! XD

I miss your voice :'(

2 more days till exam ends!

lets cheer for it. yippppeee!
So I have 2 bad news, and 1 good news.

the good news was, you know whats going to happen *looksabove*.
Okay, so the first bad news was, my darling can't speak to me today, only i'm the one who does the talking for today ): I miss your voice... Second, Geografi's going to fail :/ maybe I ain't hardworking enough...

Tomorrow's subject:
*coughs* b.... *coughs* m.. :(

So, sayonara guys, good luck for tomorrow & tomorrow? lol :D bye.
-get well soon babe ;).

Laut yang cinta ;)

hello guys,
just wanna "kongsi" my expression for today.

Maths~ ): not so much confidence to get an A. But still have hopes of getting 70 or above C: .
History~ Its still okay :D.

Tomorrow's subject:Chinese & Science,
I hate both of them, well just abit. Especially chinese! D: not good at it.

chinese :(

maths, maths, maths, nerds, maths, MATHS! D:

Maths and 历史 tomorrow.

历史:I don't care :|

why am I still spending time here? Got to go, study.

Sejarah rocks babe, muack

hello loves,
another suffering day at school. but, as long I'm with my sweetie, I won't bored going to school :).

Today's subject was: Sejarah,
muacks, love you lots. I'll get an A for this baby! :D.
I spent my time studying for Sejarah yesterday. 10p.m. ~ 1a.m. ^^ and of course I get some rest too. or I'll die for sure. Chatted with May Ann & Joey during recess, saw ling li, tze hyin & bak zam gai :P outside fish's class. oh! and not to forget too.

Firstly, I got scared and excited for Sejarah, turns out. I finished the exam paper, within 20 minutes, omfg. I got double checked and times up. Time past so fast while your doing something. I was hoping to sleep at first. but there's no time, so, ):

I will do the best I can in my examination :D.



hey guys, I'll leave my blog like this for a week -.- I know its ugly... without the background. But hey, just one week of exam. And after exam, I'm gonna post again, deal? Thanks all, and feel free to leave some comments or message on my cbox or comment box.

Exams almost here. 1 day left. Must study hard, but I'm still lazy, so... ):
Good Luck everyone! :D.
must get 8A's for my exam. I'll do it! :DDDD