cause when I'm kissing you my senses comes alive. ♥

Physics class test 7% only, ONLY! over 30. bad leh... but I am still smiling when I received my paper. I sot jor. Congratulations to 耀杰 29 over 30. he must be very heart pain. less one mark, but still kar yao lah :D hehe.

today I'm so unlucky. I'm always unlucky by the way, ehh.. conversations between 3 people and a guy, and forget about the place.

guy: *watches some sign* "oh bullshyt."
yh: "this is not bullshit"
zy: "you are bullshyt XD"
guy: *rans down stairs*
yy: "hahhaha"

-.- lame.
lalalalala, being random here. so bored... someone sms me kays? :D
nothing to write yah...



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