i'm watching you, my love. :).

I'm watching you, my love.

today was a crazy day.
but not for the physics class test, too hard.

our form teacher (Miss Phang) showed us our class's PowerPoint by Michelle Mak & Ying Si. thanks to them our PowerPoint turns out a beauty. and many pictures too, I loved it :D. but I look fugly in there, lol. but its okay for me. as long I'm a part of a member in Jr2C :).

besides that, I'm happy because I finally finished my lisan with teacher although my BM is bad. hahaha. now I only have to concentrate on projects, both sejarah ones. yippie! lol, finally. finished my english oral too, thats one week ago. thanks Mun Teng :D.

Parent's day tomorrow, no worries. my mom won't get mad. she's a good mom yeah :D. will be knowing my results tomorrow. maybe I will tell you. just maybe. lol. no need to be exciting about (i know you won't be) lol.

having fun helping to carry the chairs in the hall, yet tired, and sweated so much. tireeeed like shyt );. okay, teacher, why do have to choose us? GIRLS HERE HELLO!? other classes just, GUYS? damn weird and fish in there lol. and our assistant headmistress cakap banyak punya, hate her damn much. slapped "fat sheep"'s ass which I thought it was Jun Kai's. sorry "fly sheep". I don't like you. lol, kidding lah "sheep" -.-



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