Parents day,

full time fun, face our horrible results.
yea right, as if I am the 7th place, not a chance ); fine. I guess I don't have to be, congratulations to our first place, Timothy Chan. I am going to work hard next term. at least my average marks was good. Kuen Cheng is not about what rankings that you get, its about the average marks, so yeah, I got 72.xx i am totally born for C class :D. hurrah!

his not in class today, but he was in school. my friends told me. they saw him. I don't know why he doesn't want to stay in class. sad. so I went to Song Wei's class, and saw Shi Kheng there. she always think the wrong side, so I better be gone ;). hahaha. having fun with my brother, Shi Tai, Yao Jie they all. others asked my results and I have no worries by telling out because, we're all the same level. no arguments, no gossiping about who arrogant this and that. thats why I love this class! :D

first we watched PowerPoint made by Michelle & Ying Si. Its damn nice :). then, teacher reported the stuffs which I didn't listen except for the rankings. then Pui Yee performed violin, I love it, its nice :D. you can see her by her "nervouses" so then end.

thankies 09396 for the Fuji Apple Juice.

he belanja me, Kelvin and the others :D. thankies yah ^^


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