pressure go away,

who the fuq wants you anyway? (use the rain rain go away to sing, it rimes.)

I was happy. but then BAM! my mood is gone.
yeah, what thing made my mood gone, its starts all like this. I start from the happy mood first then the angry mood and then the emo style.

so yeah, went to school, copy homework like usual :D. I'm a lazy girl, a very very very lazy girl (lady gaga-telephone MV). first period was english, so yeah, teacher wants us to present our class entertainment because it is going to present it next week, infront of thousands people. aha. I took part of course, as a singer a contestant in there. okay, our story goes like this.

We laughed like shyt for the first time, I was acting like an idiot infront of classmates though. i hate it, embarrassed, nervous! D: ahh! teacher was not too happy about us for the first time. so we present it again. and I won't be embarrassed anymore. so I bowed and started to act like a fool. but nvm lah.. :). END. we're happy.


music, ehehhe, revenge time. ah yes, I am a vengeful person, so RAWR! :D. I sang the stupid DOREMI which I skipped last weekend, and probably got scolded by teacher. I was afraid that day, but today, I am back, I looked in her eyes and sang, I will not let her scold again. I told my friends about it, they laughed like siao :D. hehe.

Second recess, chatted with Sugar :). I love to chat with him, his damn funny. SHE saw me, hell yeah, I saw her too. and since she's with her new boyfriend together so, me & sugar was nothing to her anymore right? eheh? we chatted about, hmm, his lao po (a guy) stole his money, RM39 and gave back to him, said that he borrowed sugar RM 39. lol. enjoyed with sugar.

my mood gone bad because, alright, hate to tell. sms me, I'll tell you.


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