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I telling myself I'm feeling swell, but I know such a fool.

I knew after that situation, I've been hated by countless people. and it kills me! D:

I know that I got issues, but you pretty messed up too. (Kelly Clarkson- my life would suck without you)

and, people are supporting him of course, not me. and they thought that it was me who done wrong, yet you haven't know the real reason.
yet, I will still stay fine. thanks to my friends, Karen Leong, Mun Teng, Jolyn and much more supporting me :)
b cheered me up, love you babe :D.

I will try become friends with him, good friends.

Chinese essay exam, quite easy.

lets take this as a new begining, okay? ;)
like dear said:" take it easy. "

David Choi- that girl

omg, this is soooo sweet ♥

lyrics, song, performed by David Choi.
featuring: Julia Chang.

Oh, tonight I'm feeling fine
I'm alone, just wasting time
No Friday movie nights
Or romantic candle lights

I'm just having conversations
With the thoughts in my head
All I hear are angels crying
Oh, won't they just sing instead
It would be wrong for me to say

I don't need that girl by my side
I don't need that girl in my life
I don't want to talk it out
Or hold her when she cries

I don't want to say she's my kind
I don't want to say that she's mine
I don't want to tell her that
I love her more than life
More than life, Yeah
Love her more than life
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Honestly, this won't do
How is she doing?
I tell myself I'm feeling swell
But I know I'm such a fool

I could take it as a new beginning
But you know I don't feel that way
Who will take all this pain away?
I know it's wrong for me to say
I don't need that girl by my side
I don't need that girl…

宁愿浪费时间去恨, 为什么不要浪费时间去爱? :)

I called him yesterday, it was his sleep time, but he decided to accompany me.
He sounds so cute when he laughs. which I never knew until now :).

I miss you, badly ):
but do you? no, you don't.
it really hurts me when you said it.

I knew that was not just a joke. I want you, and do you? :')

so, you made my day yesterday. just a call made my heart felt warm.

tell me what to do babe, tell me.

I don't care if you hate me, I am myself, no fucking judgements thank you! :).

thanks miley ;).

nobody knows what happened.

nobody knows,
the real reason that happened to us,
just me, you,
I'll keep the reason safe with me, promise.
I'll be the bad guy, and you'll continue to be your "goody two shoes"

你们是不会知道理由的. so STFU!

thank you.


Happy Teachers Day.
to all teachers in this world, even retired teacher counts :).

went in the hall when its 7-ish.
time pass quickly when your having fun plus sleeping :). tiring, oh god.

anyway, love it today ^^

confusing about love

hey guys,
the whole world knew because of her big mouth.
if I'm not mistaken, she is a total big mouth by the way.
english essay, wrote 264 words for section B which it just need only between 120 and 180. I deleted many rows till crazy. deleted, deleted, deleted and *drumsrolls* perfect essay. its not a perfect one cause it looks weird to me :).

forgot my P.E shirt during P.E. teacher made us to pick up trash. ewwie D: chatted with Yee Mien. she was a great person you can count on, thanks ;). she told me such, 经典 things.


OINK! :@)

可爱的猪说:" 你, 能够让我幸福吗? "

I am frustrated.
someone, please tell me what to do. should I? ):
after she asked that questions, it always make me frustrated. can't we just stay like this? but I have to choose.

I don't want or wish to hurt one of them. I hate hurting others, you know? actually I have the answers in my heart. just that I don't want to release them out. but now, I have to. I can't run away from this problem forever. I have to choose. even though its hard.

1, ignored me for a long time. but I didn't even mind. maybe our love is starting to be dull, colourless. not like the times we had before. its time to let you go, for another girls, pretty, smart girls. girls that love you for a long long long time, girls that will appreciate you. not like me.

Its time.
sorry. bye.



hug from back. ♥

its delicious, believe me :).

someone's birthday is almost here, tomorrow.

britney choong,
clue chong,
lee sue ann
song wei.

happy birthday dears, hope all of you have BLAST!

yesterdays :).

the yellow thingy was the haunted house ticket? I'm not sure with that :/.
anyway, love it yesterday. was fun, but quite sien :/. after jolin left, I was sooo damn bored, so I hung along with someone. :)


=) ♥

our stall JR2C (H20 + C02 remix)

celestine & jolin :).

celestine & me. (look at her, leng lui dao~)

jolin & me ;D

today was happy.
arrived school around 7 a.m. stay at our stall for a long time, hot.. kelvin, me, wan li, mun teng and wen xuan playing passing the bottles :P. lame. which we were actually helping out.

went in haunted house with song wei, mun teng, mun teng's sis, sook yi & jolin. I got creep out by them ): god. hung around with them.

skipped the boring parts,
drank 3 cup of floats, and I'm gonna be floating tonight -.-

i love you all. :)

背对背的拥抱 ♥

虽然 5月 20日 过了, 但是我依然会说, 宝贝, 520...

与你一起感觉温柔 ♥ 与你背对背谈心事. 在看台仰望着天空. 看着你温柔的眼睛, 心不停地砰砰跳. 原来你语气是那么地温和, 我从来都不知道, 直到今天.

与你一起感觉真浪漫 ♥ 牵着你的手, 从窗望着蔚蓝的天空. 与你拥抱那一刻, 真不想放开. 希望那一刻能保留在我脑海中.

520. ♥

我.. 爱你.

charity sale tomorrow, yippee :). getting to see Jolin su han & celestine sook yi again. exciting. and, my mission is to spend all the coupons I bought tomorrow. I will buy anything I like, buy buy buy :D.

don't forget about work :/. ai yor... LOL. but nvm.

you look beautiful ♥

sometimes, I just wanted to hold your hand tight,
sometimes, I just wanted to hug your waist from behind,
sometimes, I just wanted to kiss your soft lips.

I will see rainbow when you are with me

what day is today? scream it!

520! ♥

almost the whole school knew that today was Iloveyou day ^^. I said 520 to 3 persons, you know who you are :P.

exciting for tomorrow, ;). charity sale decorate. love love love.
rain heavily today, again. went to decorate our sign for charity sale.

520 to my sweetie, dear, friends :).

dream your reality ♥

you know what?
your already mine :)

hey, hmm, sorry I post uninteresting things these days. well you know, its quite boring when you do the same thing like almost, you know, everyday :/. and so, nothing interesting to post about you know.

yes! 3 more days till charity sale. it will be the best day for me :D ehehh. even though is busy :/ Celestine & Jolin are coming that day, and I don't know, feel exciting. and I am going to help out my curriculum too, well, maybe :). hope it will be fun.

yeah today, fuuun ♥
basketball during P.E- you know I suck at sports.
and I am not going to yidiyada. its bored, i know.

sang 'beat it' (by Michael Jackson) during art. with Shi Thai, following by Stephen. hahahah :D. 'beat it' to 笔咧?

笔咧? 笔咧? 笔咧? ... :P

both of his cold hands touched my face,
i held his hand and said:"I feel your warmth" :)


when I said I wanted to leave,

you said:"i don't want you to."

oh damn, it rain heavily this noon. I am soaking wet, and I missed my bus so I have to take the second one :(.


and I wonder If I ever cross you mind?

It happens to me all the time.

today was, good. :)
chinese quiz was quite easy, oh thank you. we have a new chinese teacher. she looks slightly beautiful, with pure white skin, and a polite lady type. she speaks so soft, I can't hear what she is talking about.

I stay up late just for you.

nothing is same without you.

sorry I skipped a day without updating.
I went to Midvalley with my mom and sis.


:). end.

watch me. ♥

wow, today was... tired ):
umm, was kinda weird too. when people passed by me, they will ask me "hey, are you victoria yuen from facebook" and I answered "yeah... O.O" with weird huge eyes. :/, hmm... not popular. just w e i r d.

leaked. D:

speech by SMZDPY! 生命中的朋友. they sang songs, and do all kinds of waggy stuffs. oh wow, I felt like a total childish kid there. B was looking at me, and he kept laughing! stop it! D':

sad because of something.
don't want to post here because some reasons, ask me if you want to know. and then again, nobody wants to know :D.

BYE! ♥

happy Birthday to my guy, ♥

Happy Birthday to my guy♥
I love you, I always did :). ♥

feel. ♥

today was fuuun ♥.

second recess, having fun @ JR2G. saw my sweetie and Song Wei. Song wei playing his guitar, I love it :). and of course sweetie too, watching him playing Song Wei's guitar. I love guys that play guitar, makes me feel, romantic ♥ :). ate Song Wei's macaroni and cheese.

conclusion: its tasteless! ): lol.

and played like siao x). acting like a baby. hahahaha.
and much more I don't want to say.
exciting for tomorrow ^^


love you ♥

and tomorrow,
omg, tomorrow, muacks! :) exciting!

I'm on your arms, ♥


the sign above shows that I am happy. but why? heh, catch out.
studied maths whole day, almost whole day, but after maths class test.. throws books away and have fun! :D.

played with Song Wei's sejarah & history text book. he won't mind, I'm serious ^^. whole time fun. and 2 more days till his birthday. and happy birthday to daddy tomorrow :D. but today,

Happy Birthday to
JaneEng & Yoke Ping!

May darlings,
jane eng
mun (cousin)
mun teng
rong fei
song wei
yoke ping
& much more, tell me when is your birthday♥

you brighten up my days ♥

Hey my loves,
oww man, today was harsh! studying physics all day makes me crazy. OOOOOH! I want to quit. I hate physics, I do, really. Its so hard, I understand that question, but when I was on class test, I totally forgot all the formulae ): Oh wow, heartache. Its so not fair...

as you can see today was not a great day for me, If it was a great day, my post will be starting like HELLLOOOO my fellow friends, HELLLLOOO loves! or etc. hmm, today was an unlucky day I can say, I forgot to bring everything, I just remember to bring the headset and I forget others! damn you headset! ):

anyway, its quite fun during english. went to the computer lab that Mr.Loh used to brought us there during last year. It was fun yeah. but my teacher, holy cow! no internet, which I am a good student, I just do my exercise, not playing facebook, blog or etc :D. no worries, you forget your form 1 password, we will be creating a new account once again for form 2. no worries :).

the moody part was, physics. and tom…

不要忽略我好吗? ♥

I can't express my feelings to you. you make me so happy that I forget the expressions that I wanted to express.

today, assembly on a sudden :O. but yet I enjoyed it. I kept looking at you. just 2 seconds you made me smile all day. yet you made me frown today. I was talking to you, then you ignored me and went talking to your so call "friend". but nevermind, I won't bother about it. anymore.
maybe your just not the one :).

think possitive, learn to be strong, always smile and tell yourself everything is alright. ♥

my right hand was in pain, just now. because crazy teacher went for checking and she told us to copy the paragraph she gave, HOLY SHIT! you can't believe how many words are there. almost 4000++ like this siao. and and, all sei sei after that period. lol xD.

sorry for disturbing you,

happy mother's day to all mothers, ♥

love you mummy! :D

复杂的幸福 ♥

sorry for not updating or online yesterday. internet problem ):

class test yesterday. thank god it was slightly easy for me :D.
and, oh wow, i slept like 5 hours yesterday. I was so tired, and i am sick, it was awful. I thought its Saturday and we're gonna have some time for computer, but no -.- the internet got problem. I was like wtf! T.T

envy Rachel & Jolyn :). sweet ♥.

b's birthday almost here. love you dear, muacks.

ROCKING friday :)

I love fridays from now on, no doubt. ♥
even though the bag is packing full with textbooks.

maths class test got 40% over 100%. worst right? I am getting lazier, and my class tests are getting worst. I don't know what to do, someone cheer me up? like 地理, 55% over 100%. everything about me is worst. I don't know, since over the first term exams, my results turns out blah! what should I do? any opinion?

science & BM class test again, everyday class test! I am getting holy crazy! D: every night stay late up just to study and to handle tomorrow's test. I am sick of this life. I studied so hard and my results turns out like, fail? wtf is fail!? wtf is that? I am in the fail members now. my resuults going down down down down down by Jay Sean okay? -.-

and omg omg omg! we're so close today!♥
thanks to him, he cheer me up everyday, making me smile.
and Oscar, for the third holy time! I am not a korean! -.- lol. I am not angry about it, I just feel so weird when you call me that.

even mints have emotions...


English, forgot to bring essential and book 1 :P. sorry, you didn't tell us to.
地理, omg, 55 for my class test. I want to cry, b, lend me your shoulder... :'(
Sej, sleep. ♥
History, class test. slightly easy. not too easy :/

Science, tried to not sleep during her class.
BM, goshh! D: teacher was mad.
Music, my music exam, OVER!
second recess played like siao again lo. hung out @ JR2G again :P. I am not korean Oscar! -.-

经典, fishhh! x( but found myself being brave :).
Maths, T.T don't understand.
KH, chatted with Jolyn XD.

b looks cute :).

you are my drug.

today damn fish T.T.

hanging out @ JR2G this morning. chatted with song wei & li ann, his busy doing his homework, hahha, rajin betul :).

English, fun :).
Physics, boring
BM, noisy noisy... x)
P.E, volleyball arh! its over :/
Sej, sleep lo..
double maths, i love this subject & teacher, i hate the results...
second recess, playing @ JR2G. talking with Song Wei, popped out a Oscar xD. he said I look like korean -.-. then I don't know what happened with me & Song wei, shouting each other. his classmates gone, wooahh, wooah.. so fish T.T.. my volume too loud jor...
double BC, write essay, I can't think of anything, so simply write. got 300++ words x) waaa... last time write just 269 :/ so weird.
Art, teacher likes my drawing :D.

siao, tomorrow play again xD?

maths teacher,


big heart for you! :)

2 posts today, read below or this thanks :D

you touched me, ♥

i'm craving for it. ;)

hello readers,
normal day, have fun. I love school, but sometimes I just hate it.

辅导, new teacher, she introduce herself, umm, quite emo larh. but I still love her :D.
double english, essays, 131 words, passed 120 words, thank god. thanks to my english dictionary__ Stephen.
Chinese, just absorb what she said.
BM, studying for Geografi, kar yao's!
Geografi, I can't believe teacher lied to us, omg! she said she will give us class test, but when she came in she said "buku kerja muka surat..." WTF! D:
KH, nota nota NOTA! :D
Second recess, get woohoo lol :).
KH, nota lo :P.
Physics, buat banyakkk! XD
Maths, love you teacher! ♥

curriculum, funnnnn♥.

rain heavily and my shoes got wtf! x).

i don't give a damn of my reputation.

omg, sorry I did not post for yesterday. busy for my class test ;( pai seh..

alright, morning, assembly, JR2C performed on stage today. its nice, but you just need some twitch and its great. but its alright, at least we're try our best. jun kai = yew kit? wow, jun kai such a dickhead -.-

back to class, nervous for Geografi (chinese) class test. studied studied with Mun Teng, kept asking her questions, but Mun Teng knew all. good lor her.. she's so smart. It was BM, and Maths, then Geografi (chinese), thanks teacher for giving us 5 mins to study :). and keep telling jokes during class test, makes me not so nervous about it.

English, role play, arg, Phantom of the opera. Quite nervous, but its alright the end. I am the side reader, Chin Yen was the letter reader, Si Kai was Monsier Armand and Wei Xiong was Monsier Firmin & Michelle was Madame Giry.

Geografi, this one damn shuang yah. whole class stood up, answer teacher's questions. teacher was mad and she gave us class test…

welcome, may :). I heart you. ♥

they don't suit me.

hello loves,
May, no, its not a normal month. its to thank your mother for taking care of you all these years, to thank teacher for teaching you (not really, only some of them) and not to forget, someone's birthday! hehehe. Joey's :).

lalala~ :O boring post.. ;P


a saturday to rest. new video.