=) ♥

our stall JR2C (H20 + C02 remix)

celestine & jolin :).

celestine & me. (look at her, leng lui dao~)

jolin & me ;D

today was happy.
arrived school around 7 a.m. stay at our stall for a long time, hot.. kelvin, me, wan li, mun teng and wen xuan playing passing the bottles :P. lame. which we were actually helping out.

went in haunted house with song wei, mun teng, mun teng's sis, sook yi & jolin. I got creep out by them ): god. hung around with them.

skipped the boring parts,
drank 3 cup of floats, and I'm gonna be floating tonight -.-

i love you all. :)


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