dream your reality ♥

you know what?
your already mine :)

hey, hmm, sorry I post uninteresting things these days. well you know, its quite boring when you do the same thing like almost, you know, everyday :/. and so, nothing interesting to post about you know.

yes! 3 more days till charity sale. it will be the best day for me :D ehehh. even though is busy :/ Celestine & Jolin are coming that day, and I don't know, feel exciting. and I am going to help out my curriculum too, well, maybe :). hope it will be fun.

yeah today, fuuun ♥
basketball during P.E- you know I suck at sports.
and I am not going to yidiyada. its bored, i know.

sang 'beat it' (by Michael Jackson) during art. with Shi Thai, following by Stephen. hahahah :D. 'beat it' to 笔咧?

笔咧? 笔咧? 笔咧? ... :P


both of his cold hands touched my face,
i held his hand and said:"I feel your warmth" :)



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