even mints have emotions...


English, forgot to bring essential and book 1 :P. sorry, you didn't tell us to.
地理, omg, 55 for my class test. I want to cry, b, lend me your shoulder... :'(
Sej, sleep. ♥
History, class test. slightly easy. not too easy :/

Science, tried to not sleep during her class.
BM, goshh! D: teacher was mad.
Music, my music exam, OVER!
second recess played like siao again lo. hung out @ JR2G again :P. I am not korean Oscar! -.-

经典, fishhh! x( but found myself being brave :).
Maths, T.T don't understand.
KH, chatted with Jolyn XD.

b looks cute :).


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