i don't give a damn of my reputation.

omg, sorry I did not post for yesterday. busy for my class test ;( pai seh..

alright, morning, assembly, JR2C performed on stage today. its nice, but you just need some twitch and its great. but its alright, at least we're try our best. jun kai = yew kit? wow, jun kai such a dickhead -.-

back to class, nervous for Geografi (chinese) class test. studied studied with Mun Teng, kept asking her questions, but Mun Teng knew all. good lor her.. she's so smart. It was BM, and Maths, then Geografi (chinese), thanks teacher for giving us 5 mins to study :). and keep telling jokes during class test, makes me not so nervous about it.

English, role play, arg, Phantom of the opera. Quite nervous, but its alright the end. I am the side reader, Chin Yen was the letter reader, Si Kai was Monsier Armand and Wei Xiong was Monsier Firmin & Michelle was Madame Giry.

Geografi, this one damn shuang yah. whole class stood up, answer teacher's questions. teacher was mad and she gave us class test, tomorrow, bab 10. wtf?! T.T then, chinese, teacher came in, she talked with the prefects. chatted with Yew Kit :). talking about funny things, and of course, my brother with her fiancee :P. hahaha. Mun Teng too! many people cakap banyak together.

2nd recess. Joey, :). told him his birthday, he forgot.. :O. nvm yah.. remember.. ^^ History, watched a video about black people on the ancients... i very pity them... ): then computer, done her homeworks, check and gone :D.



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