OINK! :@)

可爱的猪说:" 你, 能够让我幸福吗? "

I am frustrated.
someone, please tell me what to do. should I? ):
after she asked that questions, it always make me frustrated. can't we just stay like this? but I have to choose.

I don't want or wish to hurt one of them. I hate hurting others, you know? actually I have the answers in my heart. just that I don't want to release them out. but now, I have to. I can't run away from this problem forever. I have to choose. even though its hard.

1, ignored me for a long time. but I didn't even mind. maybe our love is starting to be dull, colourless. not like the times we had before. its time to let you go, for another girls, pretty, smart girls. girls that love you for a long long long time, girls that will appreciate you. not like me.

Its time.
sorry. bye.


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