ROCKING friday :)

I love fridays from now on, no doubt.
even though the bag is packing full with textbooks.

maths class test got 40% over 100%. worst right? I am getting lazier, and my class tests are getting worst. I don't know what to do, someone cheer me up? like 地理, 55% over 100%. everything about me is worst. I don't know, since over the first term exams, my results turns out blah! what should I do? any opinion?

science & BM class test again, everyday class test! I am getting holy crazy! D: every night stay late up just to study and to handle tomorrow's test. I am sick of this life. I studied so hard and my results turns out like, fail? wtf is fail!? wtf is that? I am in the fail members now. my resuults going down down down down down by Jay Sean okay? -.-

and omg omg omg! we're so close today!
thanks to him, he cheer me up everyday, making me smile.
and Oscar, for the third holy time! I am not a korean! -.- lol. I am not angry about it, I just feel so weird when you call me that.

2 more days till mothers day! :D
what are you planning to your mom?

i have class test today, but I still went and see him :).


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