you are my drug.

today damn fish T.T.

hanging out @ JR2G this morning. chatted with song wei & li ann, his busy doing his homework, hahha, rajin betul :).

English, fun :).
Physics, boring
BM, noisy noisy... x)
P.E, volleyball arh! its over :/
Sej, sleep lo..
double maths, i love this subject & teacher, i hate the results...
second recess, playing @ JR2G. talking with Song Wei, popped out a Oscar xD. he said I look like korean -.-. then I don't know what happened with me & Song wei, shouting each other. his classmates gone, wooahh, wooah.. so fish T.T.. my volume too loud jor...
double BC, write essay, I can't think of anything, so simply write. got 300++ words x) waaa... last time write just 269 :/ so weird.
Art, teacher likes my drawing :D.

siao, tomorrow play again xD?


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