you brighten up my days ♥

Hey my loves,
oww man, today was harsh! studying physics all day makes me crazy. OOOOOH! I want to quit. I hate physics, I do, really. Its so hard, I understand that question, but when I was on class test, I totally forgot all the formulae ): Oh wow, heartache. Its so not fair...

as you can see today was not a great day for me, If it was a great day, my post will be starting like HELLLOOOO my fellow friends, HELLLLOOO loves! or etc. hmm, today was an unlucky day I can say, I forgot to bring everything, I just remember to bring the headset and I forget others! damn you headset! ):

anyway, its quite fun during english. went to the computer lab that Mr.Loh used to brought us there during last year. It was fun yeah. but my teacher, holy cow! no internet, which I am a good student, I just do my exercise, not playing facebook, blog or etc :D. no worries, you forget your form 1 password, we will be creating a new account once again for form 2. no worries :).

the moody part was, physics. and tomorrow's maths. ): I kept failing and failing all over again. I am so sick of those results for my maths class test, very very sick! I don't want to see it again. I just want to run away for these results D:

I am sad these days. I don't know why am I, maybe its just because

class test & homeworks filling my head all day.

I wish I can get like 73.65% this term, gonna hit this record. and 3rd term, 74 ;).
gambateh. kar yao. jia you. kar yao. gambateh. kar yao. jia you. ^^
try cheering me up these days okay?


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