you touched me, ♥

i'm craving for it. ;)

hello readers,
normal day, have fun. I love school, but sometimes I just hate it.

辅导, new teacher, she introduce herself, umm, quite emo larh. but I still love her :D.
double english, essays, 131 words, passed 120 words, thank god. thanks to my english dictionary__ Stephen.
Chinese, just absorb what she said.
BM, studying for Geografi, kar yao's!
Geografi, I can't believe teacher lied to us, omg! she said she will give us class test, but when she came in she said "buku kerja muka surat..." WTF! D:
KH, nota nota NOTA! :D
Second recess, get woohoo lol :).
KH, nota lo :P.
Physics, buat banyakkk! XD
Maths, love you teacher!

curriculum, funnnnn .

rain heavily and my shoes got wtf! x).


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