it just you & me ♥


today suck. even though I love Fridays. this Fridays sucks alot! D:
last day of school, that means we have to face our fears____exams after holidays.
exam is not the problem, but the results are.
like agh, who the hell created exams? and wow, that guy is such a jerk.

2 week of holidays, I don't feel like studying. I just feel like going to shopping or anything else I do can relax myself. I don't want to feel stress. you know? by the way, photography again, took me like 3 hours to load just 3 pictures. oh well.

finished my last minute project yesterday. which it was english project. thank god it was english project, if its malay, I will stay up just to do it. I hate physics! ): so, how was I suppose to get in Science Stream? oh well, art for me ;).

-i love your hug-


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