losing you just like somebody turned the lights off.

credits to Kawaii Junkie.

bad mood today. because of my fxcking KH teacher, she is so damn fxck. we didn't bring our textbook, she wrote our name to the 课室日记. a 课室日记 is a book where teacher is allow to complain anything in it. yes, and we are soooo going to get beaten by our discipline teacher. but thank god is the good discipline teacher, I think. I hate my KH teacher, tell her to fxck off! everyone is pissed when she wrote it. what about those 3 girls? they didn't bring textbook too! why they did not get mark in!? HUH!!!? so not fair! complaining!

after complaining, cool down.
later, another conversation made me mad.
Sy, Jy, Sg (short guy)

*came in*
Sy: hey are you fine with her?
Jy: yes we are... :)
Sg: don't annoy him, he is asleep... (with rude attitude)
Sy: FINE LAH! *threw wallet*

Sy is me by the way. I am sorry for my madness (not to you, is to my visitors!)
today damn freaking SUCK! hate it! UGHHHH!


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