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forever JR2C. ♥

there is a little something I wanted to share today.
the picture above shown my favorite class, JR2C.
our formula:
abnormal classmates+crazy+fun= best class :).
so glad I am here, right here, right now. no other classes could make me feel more happy like this one, I think C: anyway, JR2C (2010) rocks!

hello loves. happy day ;). ngek ngek.
BM week. singing, dancing, modeling, speech (most boring evaa) & much more fun.
the performance that I love the most was Taekwondo. not just any Taekwondo, it was half Taekwondo half dancing. its amazing, seriously. *screams*

believe me, there were many noises down stage. and I am part of it. heheh :). and the one who sang songs, not bad :). anyway, today was quite bored D:

byebye ~ :D

untitled :D

today was happy and little bit of sadness of course.
lets talk about the sad part. our geografi (chinese) teacher is going to leave tomorrow ): I think I will miss him a lot. Chin Yen and Min Er passed a piece of paper to let us write down the words we wanted to speak to our precious 林如隆老师. I wrote:

老师, 谢谢您一向来的教导.
虽然只认识你半年, 但我也很高兴.
在此说声:" 谢谢您, 林老师"

teacher, I will miss you. the way you teach, the way you make jokes on class and I laugh like shyt, the way you scolded us (I don't like it xD) & the way you support us for exams. byebye teacher, I will always love you :').

ehem, sorry for the dramatic part -.-. I really love this teacher, seriously. even though he is lame sometimes -.-. I ❤ Phy :). today is someone's birthday~

阿管, 生日快乐.
祝您天天快乐~ :)

we have another leng lui's birthday too ^^.

Happy Birthday Ally Ssa! :D

Jun Kai was making jokes about my 'poem' 龙卷风阿姨 -.- wtfff! OH MAI GOD! my stomach hurts xD hahaha. keep laughing. 弟子规第 23 章: 长要时, 子必给. OMG! wtf…


对不起大家, 我 3 天没写部落了. 可能功课的关系而影响的吧...
今天终于可以休息了... 终于! :D.

27.7.10 & 28.7.10; 我承认这两天都很高兴.

不晓得今天该高兴还是伤心. 该相信或不相信. 我很混乱. 如果可以让我不知道或知道, 我宁愿选择不知道. 女人/ 女孩们, 就是那么的傻. 宁愿欺骗自己, 也不想知道事实. 你说不爱她, 我可以相信. 但今天我所看到的东西. 我很努力让自己去相信, 但是... 对不起, 我无法...

我很高兴, 当我要离开的时候, 你会抱着我, 然后对我说:" 表离开... "
今天的那句, 我不知道是真的还是假的. 看那张纸条后, 我的表情变了. 难道你没发觉到吗? 一点也没有吗?

今天我团举行欢送会. 大家都很开心. 我不知道该开心还是伤心. 我也不知道. D: 一团乱.

I get butterflies when I am around you. ✿

it was lonely midnight, the clock stroke 12, but I was still struggling just to finish my studies. I looked at the midnight view in front of my house. it was so beautiful, so I decided to shoot down this beautiful view. it will always be in my heart.❤

RAWR! :3.
my rating for my mood for today is 4/5. oh no, it can't be full rated because my mood was effected by something :C.

guess what? I started watching Taiwan dramas. such as 桃花小妹. it was quite okay. I was still on episode 2 :). lao gong finished watching! goshhh! he bou dai (褒 cd). he so clever. I watched on youtube. so stupid -.- I will change to PPS as soon as possible >:D *evil laughs*. almost finish watching 海派甜心. kar yao kar yao (: hahahha. my rating for 海派甜心 is 4.5/5. great drama, you should try watching it.



school was fine, like usual. chitty chatting is my thing. nothing special happen for today. so I am going to end anyway :D.

byeee, loves :D. <3

爱上他是一种幸福. ♥

It was July 8 that day, the weather was fine, and it was 2-ish afternoon. I was working hard to finish my Geografi chapters today, because tomorrow was the last day. so why don't just work hard and make over it eh? I gave myself a break and heheee, I was drinking my home-made orange with my favorite cup, yay :D. with a dancing biscuit and "Hi-Calcium" quote there. awh, love those days :').

yesterday was fine. I love the wind breezing and oh, I realized that it was just my fan blowing xD. my cousins came here last night and stay for a night. It was great, we played my laptop of course. all sorts of games like, Plants VS Zombies on PC. huuraaay! :P. how childish am I. umm, so anyway, we slept like 3a.m. I was so frigging tired. when I was on bed, I slept immediately. not over 10 mins. I dreamed of something weird which I don't even want to think about it.

woke up at 10a.m. this morning and ughh.. struggle to wake up actually. went down stairs and ate. done my tu…

❥ 爱情是一种怪事.

credits to Adam gor. mui love you 。◕‿◕。

Despicable me. egnes :)

soooo cute! x3.

click to view.

OMG! so obsess with Egnes in Dispicable Me. She is very cute very very cute. I found a video about her. ahhaha, sooo cute :D. I even put her picture as my profile picture in facebook. -.- ahaha, seriously obsess C:


school was fine :).
I love the way when I was with him. I feel like heaven C:
anyways, love my Geografi score. he was injured because of yesterday. sorry ! D:

aiks. thats all. byeeee :D


一句话就能够解释我整天的心情. 就是:

还以为今天是个快乐的一天, 原来, 我预料错了. 不是.
今天很... 我不想再提了, 再提我就想烧掉他的家了. 而且杀 mai 他. (不知道女还是男所以放 "他", 表误会是男的)
数学小考, 唉~ 如此如此啦... 音乐节过后很好笑. 有乘电梯的同学一定知道 :P.
当然有找他. 要我等啊... 最讨厌就是等待了. 最后他也有来.. :). 闷啦... 就酱... C:

new loves :D

Jonghyun from SHINee

Replay- SHINee :D

who says geeks can't wear dresses?

oh no! I skipped 3 days without posting. sorry! ): I was busy these few days. I am so tired. sometimes mad.
I don't know wtf happened to her! I am trying to be nice, and she just got mad? I don't know, which I don't want to care either. fine babe, stay that way.

19.07.10 ;Mon
played 'Spin The Pen' with Jolyn. and also 'One Two Juice'. I lost both. well, she 'force' me to do something :). hahah. nevermind.

20.07.10 ;Tue
I was so tired, very. where are you? where are you 'confidence'. I don't want to lost you! I want you back! remember the old days we used to have?
Vanessa Hudgens- baby come back to me.
curriculum. I am so tired. someone who drew the wall on the 4th floor stairs! who is that #@$#%!?

21.07.10 ;wed
more tired. busy. yeah. last one to pass up teacher's art work. he shown mine to my classmates -.- Physics failed. yeah, I got that. damn sad ): Jolyn & I went to his class today. he done it when I wasn't talking ready. Jolyn s…

don't hold back. ♥

by manu

oh baby, I am proud that I have you. ♥
your my special someone & my best friend. I can talk to you, everything.
I feel protection when I am beside you. I have a feeling we can last forever, & ever (:
ignore those above :).
nothing usual happen today. just chatted with him on facebook & jolyn in msn.

nah, I don't wanna talk about it.
I got bunch. who willing to smile and laugh with me. JR2C.

yeah, tomorrow school starts, again. quite sien. doing the same thing everyday. good news, no assembly.

I wonder why other people's blog were so famous? like Jolin's. btw, click her name to see her blog. I am wondering. yes, I know my life is quite boring. but sometimes, I do have something exciting about. I know there are less people drop by here. I understand. but I still continue posting right here. remember, I will wait for you :).

just a little fyi, I was checking some profiles on facebook. especially girl profiles. I realize they like to put make up or le…

boy, I need you here with me.

I know this movie is nice, romantic and funny. but I don't get to watch it :(.

today was bored and sleepy. thinking the thing I did on Thursday. I am so nervous and scared now :(. I feel your..... that day. really. and, I love it :). anyway, we had a stupid recycling lecture today. all I can say is BORED! really really really, extremely bored. wtf! hate it. 'dogs' staring you behind. many 'dogs' :/. good doggy orh.

If someone call me bitch, I will say:
"bitch is a female dog, female dog barks, bark is also part of the tree. tree is a natural thing. natural is beauty. so thank you:)"

baby 就是你请靠近我怀里, 别假装不在意, 你明明动了心. ♥

laughed like shyt the whole day :D.
FYI:I always laugh & I enjoy it =DD.

hahah, funny story. today sai lou & I went down to 6th floor. many people thought we're.... couple. wtf! he's my brothaaaar leh :D. don't think negative arh, people. sai lou belongs to sai sou :PP. I love my lao gong, sorpo, sai sou, sai lou and dai lous :).

-end of story-

I did it...


finally, I am in a good mood :).
MT been chosen to the Mathematics competition. following by Timothy, Si Kai, Zhu Yi & more. she was the only girl though. poor she (Yuk Fen style xD). Ms.Phang was disappointed today. because some of us did not bring Essential. some more they still laughing there. bian tai -.-. hahah, our Sejarah teacher was absent today. I slept like 20 mins. sooooo tired babe. woke up and done my work. then MT was back from the competition. she said it was freaking hard. lol, never mind, you did your best already sor po :PP.

got my science paper during Sc period. aww, my marks was same as last time -.-. screw these marks! D: BM teacher was absent. why all the malay teachers were absent today? even my KH teacher was absent toooo :O. weird. got my music paper. lol. arhh... ngam ngam pass x). hahahah. funny story :). watched movie during 经典. and done my homework during KH. good student sia ;D.

curriculum damn fun. bought food with Joey and Yen Yoong then went back cl…

can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars?

lao gong, I kept the stars just for you. :).

today was bored. everyday sama-sama (:
got my English, Chinese & Sejarah paper. not bad. well, at least :D. thank god I brought my Seuntai to school today. or I will get scold by Cikgu. her mood was good today. well, at least she laughed, am I right? hmhp! mad at someone. made my hair messy. damn you!!! you know who you are. played ping pong with MT ;D. heeeeee. Yew Kit brought bear bear chocolate biscuits. at first I said that he is childish, the next thing I do is ask him for one of those :P. Yew Kit, my childish babe :).

larhlarhlarh, next♥ (:
maths; thinking of him every second :3. Mrs.Liew came back today. I don't miss her anyways :p. had fun during art period. many jokes yeh. and also Chinese. Sherry is a funny, cute, pwetty, friendly, nice girl arh :x.

do you know why I am sad today?
because of you.

do you know the reason?
because of you.

why I cried?
because of you.

Y O U Y O U YOU Y O U Y O U. :'(

loosing control- jojo ft. timbala…

感激遇到你 ♥

胡杏儿&黄宗泽 - 感激遇到你



Oh Baby, I love you
I love you everyday



Oh Baby, I love you
I love you everyday

to sai lou and sai sou, Rach and T and all the couples in this world.♥

stand up for yourself! :D

无聊的一天. 在初二的生活可算是: 开心, 废, 无聊, 很无聊, 超级无聊. 看我几无聊你就知道了 :b. 非常感谢上帝给我踏入我这班. 这半年来都很高兴. 真怀念我们一起被老师骂, 一起被罚, 一起奋斗的过程之类的. 我们班有:"搞笑的, 无聊的, 冷笑话的, 聪明的, 乖的, 怪的 (哈哈...), 美女们多得是, 帅哥不多 :x 但是自恋的却一大堆 :p. 真想说声 "我爱你们!" 希望我们的友谊永固 ♥ :).

今天被 BM 老师骂 & 叫我们罚站, 因为没有带书. 开始我以为只是本人一个人没带. 想不到差不多整班人都没带书来. 吓死我了 :O. 华语老师缺席. 可能刘老师快回来了. 我不要!!!! D: 英文的分数不错... 但还要加油! 干巴爹! :D.

不是很满意我的物理分数. 这次退步了... *伤心*

________对你爱爱爱不完~ ♥

unreplaceable families ;D

went to Sogo for shopping. and ended up without buying anything :(. went to cousin's house and have feast ;D. ate sushi added wasabi (Adam gor) and the cakes below.

omg, so pretty!

leng lui sistar & ugly me.

strawberrytarts & I :). mm, strawberry :P.

watched TV shows and went home.

Argentina :).

unreplaceable families :D.

open your wings and fly way up high ♥

bad mood-ing.

nothing but you, baby ;).


frigging bored. so I decided to write another post :).
nothing special happened today. just ate Mcdonald that my sister bought it. thanks sistarrr ♥. chatted with Jolyn in MSN today. she was damn happy after that problem :D heheh.

baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me want get this party started
hey baby comein tell me what this all
baby baby
tell me what you what you waiting for

[mizz nina]
baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me wanna get a little notty
hey baby come in get it it's all yours
baby baby
tell me what you what you waiting for

its your birthday
so tell me what's you want it too

[mizz nina]
its my birthday
im really wanna get with you

drop the beat now and may be we can get it started

[mizz nina]
will go insane and take you to the after party

so what's your name hey baby what's your name oh yeah

[mizz nina]
sexys my name yea sexys my name

ok and whats your game hey baby what's your game

[mizz nina]
ok i like to pl…

chocolates. ;D


Who love chocolates? :D.

just one random post -.-

funny features

lost control babyeh.. ;) ♥


the last day of exam finally ended :D. prettay proud of it. ugh.. I am so damn tiring. but I don't want to sleep :). almost the whole week staying up late. If you tell me staying up late for computer, I will ;). but to books, oh no I am going to bed xD. yesterday I slept on 12.30a.m. which was the earliest in this week. Wednesday was the worst day. 3a.m. wtf! :/.

Subject:Geografi (I told you yesterday didn't I :D)
Level:easy ^^

went home 9-ish because accompany sorpo teng to wait her van :). saw my lao gong in the canteen. lao gong, I love you~ :).

there is a little thing called LOVE. ♥

incredible shot.

tomorrow is the last day of exam. everyone is exciting. I knew that, because I am exciting too! :D. I think many people have plan to go places like Timesquare, Sungai Wang, Sunway Pyramid for some hang out tomorrow. quite less people go to Midvalley, because, it is quite boring for teenagers to hang out there. and, hell no, I am not going anywhere tomorrow. wanted to, but got rejected by dad :/. never mind that.

level: speechless :).

sighs, feel solonely for the left out. "thanks" to dad :(. I wanted to hang out for some fun babyehs.
sorry to my babes who tried to invite me. sorry yah. will hang out with ya next time. promise :). gonna stay at home tomorrow, how boring :'(.

going to get some sleep, tomorrow. Geografi is the last subject tomorrow. Arg. 13 chapters! going to be a Geografi nerd :O. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. ♥. being crazy with MT after science. hah, love you sor po Teng (as friends) I love my lao gong more :).


W is almost next to Y, but X is on the way ):

Mark the sweet & evil things you've done, then add up the number of questions you marked.
This test consist of two sections, in which the more total amount of questions you have marked on a particular side will reflect you belonging to that side.

The SWEET Side :
01. [x] Help someone up when they fell
02. [x] Comforted someone before
03. [ ] Gave someone a hand-made card
04. [x] Stayed late in school to help someone in his/her study
05. [ ] Ran in the rain together with someone because he/she don't have an umbrella
06. [x] Allow someone to stay overnight in your house because their parents are overseas
07. [x] Lend money to someone in need
08. [x] Lend someone your handphone
09. [x] Donate money when someone approaches during flag-day
10. [ ] Paid taxi fares for someone
11. [x] Borrowed money for someone
12. [x] Fold your clothes yourself
13. [x] Bought food for someone when they told you to do so
14. [x] Bought chocolates/sweets for someone
15. [x] Bought someone a very expen…

shuddap, just hold me tight. :) ♥

joy, the crazy one :D

thank god the third day of exam ended. 4 days more and yahoo for "us". the one who works hard gets to play hard :). seriously. I am going to play hard after these... 4 days. suffering days. ugh. work hard! 4 more days left.

anyway, JR2C hang out changed to Timesquare. anyone who is interest. please tell Lee Wan Lih. he is at the 5th floor JR1D.
fyi: this is only for JR2C-ians.

I am not going. probably will sleep at home on my comfy bed :). life, its easy x).


Lights off by Jay Sean.

and the next thing I know that,

that you don't care about me like you did, last time.

awh! I am so sorry for Argentina supporters. included me. they lost :(. congratulations to German. don't give up Argentina! we won't blame you for losing. you already tried your best. umm, good luck to youuuu~ ♥

your words broke my heart into billion pieces. I don't know you.


okay guys, I don't know anything about soccer or football or whatever. but I knew that I would support ARGENTINA tonight :D. hahaha. I think its quite cool yah~

haven't study, going to work hard... Lets do this! :].




awh! July.. T.T
will be a busy month for us. going to study through exams, deal with our Sejarah projects. anyone done it yet? projects can be delay. but exams? nooo. must work hard these few days. exams will be end soon, and I will be sooo happy about it. hope it ends soon. quickly! :).

anyway, after exams, we're going out! no.. I mean they are going out. mmm, :/. too bad for me. actually I have transport, but, Karaoke? not my type of place, so, I am not going though. anyway, JR2C-ians who wanted to go, search for Wan Lih :D.

me? nothing will happen to me after exams. I will lying on bed all day, ahh~ think about it! :D. sooooo awesome :). or I will online? nobody knows. anyway, wish you the best KC-ians.. ;). and oww, my stomach hurts me alot! )':


Never Say Never guys! :D


hmm, second day of exam ends so quickly :).
Physics and English today. quite good.

signed in to facebook just now, saw damn many comments about Physics.
"Physics sure fail"
"Congratulations, my physics fail le :D" (erm... ==)
& more on facebook.

try your best in exams people :). don't worry too much.

hmm, quite boring and tiring day today. after exams, went to the library with MT to study. yet it end up wasting time there (damn myself!!) went home 2-ish :D.

Justin Bieber ft. Jade Smith- Never Say Never.

See I never thought that I could walk through fire.
I never thought that I could take the burn.
I never had the strength to take it higher,
Until I reached the point of no return.

And there's just no turning back,
When your hearts under attack,
Gonna give everything I have,
It's my destiny.

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up,

there is no rainbow without you.

exan just started today. I know we're quite late. blame "Mcdonald" for it :).
mixed class with JR1D. they all looked cute, and I met Sean -.-. some guys from JR1D played along with us, lol, we're quite childish ya. played high 5 xD.

tired... very tiring. and sad.
I left quite early today. left school 12-ish. saw Allysha with Chloe or Nichole. they asked me many questions about my relationship status. I don't feel like answering... ): sorry guys! don't blame me for being an emo. I just don't feel like talking today.

I saw you today, what you did?
you made me sad. Yen yen said I was sweet, I wanted to reply her a "no". cause I ain't got any 'sweet' today. I just got 'moodless' by my side today. crazy all day with mun teng and ending up sadly with you.

saw Yen Yoong and Elle in school today :).

moodyyyyy :/