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forever JR2C. ♥

untitled :D


I get butterflies when I am around you. ✿

爱上他是一种幸福. ♥

❥ 爱情是一种怪事.

Despicable me. egnes :)


new loves :D

who says geeks can't wear dresses?

don't hold back. ♥

boy, I need you here with me.

baby 就是你请靠近我怀里, 别假装不在意, 你明明动了心. ♥

I did it...

can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars?

感激遇到你 ♥

stand up for yourself! :D

unreplaceable families ;D

open your wings and fly way up high ♥

nothing but you, baby ;).

chocolates. ;D

funny features

lost control babyeh.. ;) ♥

there is a little thing called LOVE. ♥

W is almost next to Y, but X is on the way ):

shuddap, just hold me tight. :) ♥

and the next thing I know that,



Never Say Never guys! :D

there is no rainbow without you.