don't hold back. ♥

by manu

oh baby, I am proud that I have you.
your my special someone & my best friend. I can talk to you, everything.
I feel protection when I am beside you. I have a feeling we can last forever, & ever (:

ignore those above :).
nothing usual happen today. just chatted with him on facebook & jolyn in msn.

nah, I don't wanna talk about it.
I got bunch. who willing to smile and laugh with me. JR2C.

yeah, tomorrow school starts, again. quite sien. doing the same thing everyday. good news, no assembly.

I wonder why other people's blog were so famous? like Jolin's. btw, click her name to see her blog. I am wondering. yes, I know my life is quite boring. but sometimes, I do have something exciting about. I know there are less people drop by here. I understand. but I still continue posting right here. remember, I will wait for you :).

just a little fyi, I was checking some profiles on facebook. especially girl profiles. I realize they like to put make up or lens to take picture. to tell you the truth, that is not nice for you. but hey, if you love it, you can still put it, I am not going to stop you yeah. I think if a girl doesn't put make up or lens to take a picture and she ends up beauty in the picture. she is a truly beautiful girl :). trust me or not.

maybe I should stop here.
love you guys, bye :D.

take care.


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