forever JR2C. ♥


there is a little something I wanted to share today.
the picture above shown my favorite class, JR2C.
our formula:
abnormal classmates + crazy + fun= best class :).
so glad I am here, right here, right now. no other classes could make me feel more happy like this one, I think C: anyway, JR2C (2010) rocks!

hello loves. happy day ;). ngek ngek.
BM week. singing, dancing, modeling, speech (most boring evaa) & much more fun.
the performance that I love the most was Taekwondo. not just any Taekwondo, it was half Taekwondo half dancing. its amazing, seriously. *screams*

believe me, there were many noises down stage. and I am part of it. heheh :). and the one who sang songs, not bad :). anyway, today was quite bored D:

byebye ~ :D


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