I did it...

finally, I am in a good mood :).
MT been chosen to the Mathematics competition. following by Timothy, Si Kai, Zhu Yi & more. she was the only girl though. poor she (Yuk Fen style xD). Ms.Phang was disappointed today. because some of us did not bring Essential. some more they still laughing there. bian tai -.-. hahah, our Sejarah teacher was absent today. I slept like 20 mins. sooooo tired babe. woke up and done my work. then MT was back from the competition. she said it was freaking hard. lol, never mind, you did your best already sor po :PP.

got my science paper during Sc period. aww, my marks was same as last time -.-. screw these marks! D: BM teacher was absent. why all the malay teachers were absent today? even my KH teacher was absent toooo :O. weird. got my music paper. lol. arhh... ngam ngam pass x). hahahah. funny story :). watched movie during 经典. and done my homework during KH. good student sia ;D.

curriculum damn fun. bought food with Joey and Yen Yoong then went back class to eat :D. waaa, seddaaap :P. had fun after that. funny conversation between me and Joey.

V (me), J (Joey), RG (random guy)
V: *indian language*
RG: *looking me*
J: *indian language*
RG: *looking both of us*

hahaha, he thought that we're 印度华侨 xD. hahaha damn funny weeh :X. sorry to that random dude.

I will remember this day.


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