I get butterflies when I am around you. ✿


it was lonely midnight, the clock stroke 12, but I was still struggling just to finish my studies. I looked at the midnight view in front of my house. it was so beautiful, so I decided to shoot down this beautiful view. it will always be in my heart.

RAWR! :3.
my rating for my mood for today is 4/5. oh no, it can't be full rated because my mood was effected by something :C.

guess what? I started watching Taiwan dramas. such as 桃花小妹. it was quite okay. I was still on episode 2 :). lao gong finished watching! goshhh! he bou dai (褒 cd). he so clever. I watched on youtube. so stupid -.- I will change to PPS as soon as possible >:D *evil laughs*. almost finish watching 海派甜心. kar yao kar yao (: hahahha. my rating for 海派甜心 is 4.5/5. great drama, you should try watching it.



school was fine, like usual. chitty chatting is my thing. nothing special happen for today. so I am going to end anyway :D.

byeee, loves :D. <3


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