awh! July.. T.T
will be a busy month for us. going to study through exams, deal with our Sejarah projects. anyone done it yet? projects can be delay. but exams? nooo. must work hard these few days. exams will be end soon, and I will be sooo happy about it. hope it ends soon. quickly! :).

anyway, after exams, we're going out! no.. I mean they are going out. mmm, :/. too bad for me. actually I have transport, but, Karaoke? not my type of place, so, I am not going though. anyway, JR2C-ians who wanted to go, search for Wan Lih :D.

me? nothing will happen to me after exams. I will lying on bed all day, ahh~ think about it! :D. sooooo awesome :). or I will online? nobody knows. anyway, wish you the best KC-ians.. ;). and oww, my stomach hurts me alot! )':



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