there is a little thing called LOVE. ♥

incredible shot.

tomorrow is the last day of exam. everyone is exciting. I knew that, because I am exciting too! :D. I think many people have plan to go places like Timesquare, Sungai Wang, Sunway Pyramid for some hang out tomorrow. quite less people go to Midvalley, because, it is quite boring for teenagers to hang out there. and, hell no, I am not going anywhere tomorrow. wanted to, but got rejected by dad :/. never mind that.

subject: Science.
level: speechless :).

sighs, feel so lonely for the left out. "thanks" to dad :(. I wanted to hang out for some fun babyehs.
sorry to my babes who tried to invite me. sorry yah. will hang out with ya next time. promise :). gonna stay at home tomorrow, how boring :'(.

going to get some sleep, tomorrow. Geografi is the last subject tomorrow. Arg. 13 chapters! going to be a Geografi nerd :O. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. . being crazy with MT after science. hah, love you sor po Teng (as friends) I love my lao gong more :).

Wednesday, 7.7.10.
my physic marks so low- Iyaz. I won't listen this song again. It made my marks low. jk larh. never mind, I faced my marks already. work harder next time. bad mood yesterday. chatted with lao gong on phone. he was in his van with people staring at him xD. sorry yah lao gong. listened to lao gong's voice made me feel happy. then I slept. woke up, it already 8-ish. study study study. almost forgot my dinner :/.

saw my lao gong. hit his back lo.. lao gong cute ^^
byes. :)))

----------Sy ----------


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