there is no rainbow without you.


exan just started today. I know we're quite late. blame "Mcdonald" for it :).
mixed class with JR1D. they all looked cute, and I met Sean -.-. some guys from JR1D played along with us, lol, we're quite childish ya. played high 5 xD.

tired... very tiring. and sad.
I left quite early today. left school 12-ish. saw Allysha with Chloe or Nichole. they asked me many questions about my relationship status. I don't feel like answering... ): sorry guys! don't blame me for being an emo. I just don't feel like talking today.

I saw you today, what you did?
you made me sad. Yen yen said I was sweet, I wanted to reply her a "no". cause I ain't got any 'sweet' today. I just got 'moodless' by my side today. crazy all day with mun teng and ending up sadly with you.

saw Yen Yoong and Elle in school today :).

moodyyyyy :/


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