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today was happy and little bit of sadness of course.
lets talk about the sad part. our geografi (chinese) teacher is going to leave tomorrow ): I think I will miss him a lot. Chin Yen and Min Er passed a piece of paper to let us write down the words we wanted to speak to our precious 林如隆老师. I wrote:

老师, 谢谢您一向来的教导.
虽然只认识你半年, 但我也很高兴.
在此说声:" 谢谢您, 林老师"
Sy 淑圆.

teacher, I will miss you. the way you teach, the way you make jokes on class and I laugh like shyt, the way you scolded us (I don't like it xD) & the way you support us for exams. byebye teacher, I will always love you :').

ehem, sorry for the dramatic part -.-. I really love this teacher, seriously. even though he is lame sometimes -.-. I Phy :). today is someone's birthday~

阿管, 生日快乐.
祝您天天快乐~ :)

we have another leng lui's birthday too ^^.

Happy Birthday Ally Ssa! :D

Jun Kai was making jokes about my 'poem' 龙卷风阿姨 -.- wtfff! OH MAI GOD! my stomach hurts xD hahaha. keep laughing. 弟子规第 23 章: 长要时, 子必给. OMG! wtfff is this!! part of Jun Kai's jokes >< haahaha.

chatted with OSK & my coffee bean today. heheh, funny too :P. OSK is malay XD. joking joking orh...
FYI: coffee bean hates high 5-ing -.-

thats all for today (:
::::::::) alien smile. eh sai sou? :D


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