forgive my weakness.

I don't want
phenomenal confessions
and expensive gifts and
romantic moonlight walks
and songs you wrote for me and
calls every 5 minutes to tell
me you miss me
I simply want you. only you babe

by: aleeeeex add on: me :)

*coughs* *coughs*
sorry for the late post.
school got busier these days. forgive me.
okay, first we got Sejarah project and history project. I guess this is my history week huh? great, now more coming. ugh. oral, english oral. but hey, we can leave that back, temporary.

on the other hand. school for tomorrow. "yay". oww, how fake I am :). some AIDS lecture tomorrow. wasting my precious time. stupid. I mean, its Saturday. we should rest you know? am I right?

by the way readers, sorry for the late posts. busy with quizzes this week.

played in the rain today. Jolyn and Chin Yen stood aside while watching me doing the so call sy moonwalk xD. hahaha, joking. I don't know moonwalks yeah. got soaked. eek -.-. Rong Fei, Wan Lih, Steven and the others got soaked. I mean, soak soaked :P.

got punished during Science period. we stood outside our classroom (teacher made us to) we're worried about the discipline teacher might pass through here. and I wish I was invisible :B. thats, impossible lah of course :). at last, we made it! hooray! we did not get caught by discipline teacher. hmm, lucky us :D.

I guess that is all for tuhday. byeeeeee.


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