happiness depends upon ourselves. ♥

hello, I am back.
had been busy these few days. sorry yeah..
so am back today :). miss me? hahha.

had fun today. Geography was fun. some unknown teacher came in and sat down. I can't believe she gave us free time. chatted with yee mein, not bad. Sejarah teacher was absent today, so more free time for us :D. History was effing bored. saw MCD downstairs, was like:" OI! " then ducked XD. hahaha.

Leong pak saw my hair today and he was like, umm.. then he walked away x). hahah. how weird. chatted with Giah Seng, OSK and the others during Geography. Giah Seng acted funny, hahahha . weeee~ :)).

had sex education lecture today. was quite okay. but sooooo bored. I love the guy on form 1. he asked the lady:"喜欢有理由吗?" OMG! upper agreeee! :D. I support you man!

? :)


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