Violent ):

effing mad and sad today.
cut the boring parts and lets get into the point.
MT changed seat ): and guess who will be sitting beside me from now on?

well, it is also a good thing too. T get to sit almost next to R right? but that is also a sad thing. ughh, I am far away from my sor po T from now on. Oh no, I am going to miss you babe D: seriously, I do.

eek. on the internet during computer class. got caught by teacher. I hate him sooooooo muchh! well, everyone does. I told him the effing truth. so what? I don't really care his yadi yada's. I just want to go back my seat, that's all. solved.

he is an effing ditch. he showed us (whole class) an effing violent video. the video was about 'the process of pigs in Taiwan' omg omg omg! I am going to write thousands of omg here, because, it was the worst video I ever watch before. well not the worst but it is also in the ranking of worst's!

it is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper violent! it was very violent. blood dripping, pigs screaming... almost like a scary movie. yet it was real!!! I was like "oh god oh god..." covering my whole face with both hands. I don't bear to watch it anymore. I WANT TO HUG SOMEONE NOWWWW! D:



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