big girls don't cry. ♯

today was counted as a one day trip I guess.
woke up 10 in the morning, was effing tired. went to bath after that we started our journey to Tanjung Sepat. we took like 1 or 2 hours to there. the sun was burning my skin and I think I am going to be a dark moi soon ):

at first, we went to some hotel which was new and it was built like 3~4 months ago. it was very awesome there. it was near to the sea. the air was fresh and rooms looks cool there. there was a couple ready to get married. aww, how sweet . but sadly the rooms were very expensive there. I snapped a lot of pictures there :).

and then we travel again. I was starving and we are ready to eat some seafood :D. its quite weird when you eat seafood during the day. ehh.. we usually eat seafood at night. but, who cares? ^^. we went to Love Bridge restaurant. the restaurant was near the sea. we saw little crabs :O. I love the view. it was effing awesome. no. I was amazed C:

don't forget about the foooooooooooooooooooood. it was sooo yummy. *thumbsup* :]. after our delicious meal. and we went back to home. I slept all way through. I was so tired D: when I came back, I saw your message. too bad, it was the worst message and I decided not to care.

big girls don't cry- Fergie.



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