Follow your heart, eventhough is always left, its right. ♥

hello earthlings!! :D
I came here just to post about... my nails! well, its getting long and longer, gonna cut it real soon. I promised ;).

are you sick!? of course I'm not gonna post about my nails and say 'bye bye', that is for lame chicks! -.-

well, I was busy from morning. because of the book 2 for English, Geografi project and maths papers. I'm drowning into house works. Its kinda tired doing these things everyday! anyway, our class competition is almost here. hope the ones who participate gets the goal of theirs. good luck! ;).

anyway, I want to wish the guy who sat beside me:

Happy Birthday Timothy Chan!
wish you have the best with xxx :).

and of course, our Rach girl was happy today. teehehe. saw her running around with cakes this morning. ahha, cheek kiss uhuh. and here we are, Rach is a 幸福小女人 :]. I'm happy for her too ^^. our Jolyn is also a happiness little girl.

got scolded by Ms. Phang and stood behind the classroom. I'm on it (: love number 8's presentation. with songs like:

One step at a time
Teenage dream

I enjoyed the song and the presentation. nice :).

speaking about songs, I found a song, really nice. but sad and meaningless to me. maybe is meaningful for some people.

Dang dang dang dang!

Ina - i wanted you
(with lyrics on screen)

Its a time that we have to say Goodbye .
我爱你, 爱着你,
我想你, 想着你,
我什么都愿~ 意,
adi-ous! ;D


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