JR1I ♥

I am back. miss me? :)

anyway, blah, lets flashback first.

Tue 5.10.10
see me, look me, hug me, kiss me (:

Subject: Maths
Level: quite easy

Subject: Geography
Level: easy

Jun Hao was same class as mine during exam, JR1I.
not bad, many friends there xP.

my favorite quote these days:
" you must be lan jing (冷静) "

Wed 6.5.10
gar you lah, my friends =D

hahah, *blinks* happy day.

Subject: Physics
Level: almost hard

Subject: BC
Level: almost hard

eek, today very funny.
told a joke.

I wrote a writers name which he was dead by using a red pen. then some wind blown through the windows. I said:" oh no, xxx is back ! " and continue by adding my favorite quote these days. " you must be lan jing " -.- lameeee.

tomorrow history & BM, karyaoosss! :D


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