Lifeless without someone like you.

I apologize for yesterday, I skipped.
I was sick!
slept during Physics, aww. thanks to babe, giraffe, yuet ming to for helping me to explain my sickness. and thanks to wan lih's jacket. so cold and hot there :/. hmm...

but I was alright today.
thanks to my babes for making me happy.
baby yi's teeth nice wehh! hahah, figured it out yesterday. we all agree man! :D

I see you! :X

forgive me for not forgetting you.
turn around,
look at me,
through my eyes
see through my heart,
you will found out I still love you,
no matter what happen...
I heart you babe.
I love you, always, I did.

23.10.10 Sat

everyday without you is, Lifeless.
yep. my sister said I was lifeless to.
I really want you back, but do you bi?

he was sick, aww, take care okay?
tried, struggle, forget, tried again.

I want you back, oh yes I do.

here's a video that my sister and I watched together today.
P.S: I love this anime lots lots

Hikari & Kei
music: Why not by Hilary Duff.

and a music.

Natalie- love you so.
credits to Why.

Chaaoozzz :D


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