sick ):

I still remembered that you used to kiss me when I was sick.
I miss your kisses.
I hope you'll be back this time.
hell yeah! I am sick. sore throat, sneezing, ugh, its killing me!
sorry for not posting yesterday. well I did. just a little. just a random test. try it.

click here to try :).

about yesterday,

It was very funny, about my baby yi. hahaha. net -.-.
grouped with MT, YM, giraffe and baby yi for a Chinese project. create anything you can think of to save the earth. not reject of getting in this group.
we're friends, am I right? :D.

really funny during the process. hmm, but we finished it today and of course, I drew 4 times. keep changing the story line. played badminton with MT. aww, she was very... good.. suddenly, there were bunch of kindergartners played like shyt. they ruined my court. but I just can't hate them you know? they looked, cute :3.

nothing special.
teh with giraffe -.- gek sei me! his history 92. beh sonnngggg! D:
joking~ I won't hate him :D.

[Zoi Kin]


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