Happy “Ship” day

hell yeah, I got myself a ship today ;). *a special one too!*
let me introduce about this “ship”. oh no, she is not a real ship. just a special ship to me and her friends. I am telling you this ship screams, jump high and party like an animal.

The Reason,
why we call her ship? because Jin Hui started calling her chuan because her last name is Han. all of us started to call her chuan since then ;). and chuan is ship in Chinese :D.

Word to her,
Darl, I am so proud that you are fourteen, today. (like your mom -.-) we known each other almost 4 years. at first, we hated each other so much, we fought, we gossip bad things about each other. but lastly we end like sisters. your a bestie and sister to me, ILY and IMY! :].

and now is the moment you been waiting for, a picture of my bestie,

Jolin Wong Su Han :3

hope you have a BLAST && happy always! don't forget about dreams come true ;)

here's a song for you,

Happy Birthday by the chipmunks 8D.

chaozzz =]


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