Iforgotthetitle! :O

Hello guys, I am back :). I've got many reasons for I am here. but first I am going to wish somebody a happy birthday.

Xin Yi Low

I got myself a leng lui here :].
she's a friend that I met when in primary. We're not close when standard 5. we're getting close since standard 6. I did went to her birthday party, haha, I enjoyed it very muchie . I have a great party and I wanted to say thanks to her for brightening my day up when I was in primary. I'll always remember you, Xin Yi Low =). wish you have a blast ;D.

next stop, video please. there is Shed A Tear.

Here it comes
Can't you see
That we're tough guys and we have feelings.
Take my hand
Close your eyes
With you right here
Imma shed a tear and cry
Don't be afraid to cry cry
You can still be a manly guy guy
Just cry.
Don't be afraid to cry cry
Let it free fall from your eyes eyes

Wake up see a sunrise
Let it free fall from your eyes.
Start my day and I read a sonnet
Got got a soft cheek with a tear on it.
Step out and the skies are clear
I'm a man and I have no fear.
Take a step and I land in crap.
I let it out, no holding back.


Baby we can go out on a first date.
But you come and pick me up half an hour late.
Girl I'm not gonna lie, that you almost made me cry,
But I'm a masculine man ill be ok.
Yeah, your place, toy story 3
the greatest all time kid's movie.
But I forgot, Andy leaves Woody,
And now the tears are coming right back over me.

I love it :]


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