JR2C' 10

Its the last day of school. We got our results, but we left each other :(. maybe there's some of them will be in the same class, yet the others had gone to others.

I want to thank these people, MT, yuet ming, baby yi, giraffe, giah sing, stephen, shu thai. thanks for being such good friends to me this year. MT, the smart one, why you want to leave me so soon? I make fun of each other everyday, I miss it. yuet ming, the serious one, thanks for being such good friend. baby yi, the cute one, ai yo~ mommy will miss you so, hope you stay same class with mommy, kays? :3. giraffe, the funny and smart one, haha, take care of your son arhh. giah sing, the dramatic one, I hope to chat with you next year, you know, we have many things in common. Stephen, the gay one, you will leave soon, I'll miss you and I'll remember the ways you made me laugh, haha.. shu thai, the kind one, thanks shuuuuu thai, although we always make fun of you, but you will never mind, am I right? :D

Thanks to all JR2C girls & boys! you all are the B E S T ! .

the results, ahem, excuse me.


this is my result, its quite okay for me lurhh :D. not good enough, must work more harder next time! (:

pictures soon. busy now.


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