Time pass so fast D:

Sorry for not posting these few days, and I think I have some explanation to do :).

Thursday, November 4 2010
@ Seoul Korea

ate dinner with my family @ Seoul Korea, the food there was delicious, delightful, heaven! ;b.

here are the pictures:

yum! :D
(much more after this -.-)

blur dad :] haha.

me & my gorgeous sister (:

stupid face -.-

they even free these :3, how cute.

*sorry for the picture quality :(*

the moral I learned today was: I Korea food! XD *freecheers*! =D

Friday, November 5 2010
@ home

read Mr.Mystery that Chin Yen borrowed me almost 1 week. aiyaya! sorry Chin Yen babe :'( and finally I finished it one day -.- issshh!


Happy Deepavali! :D

skip Saturday, trust me, its bored :]

Sunday, November 7 2010
@ Cousin's house

went to my cousin's house. Its kinda bored, 'cause, I helped my cousin's with their pokemon game and they kinda like woah here and woah there -.-
ate burger there and finally! -.-

dad drove us back and ate roti bawang @ some normal mamak :D. yum! :b

Monday, November 8 2010
@ school

here I am, sitting here, posting the previous days and my frigging school :].

@ school

watched Ice Age 3 & 心動奇蹟

心動奇蹟 is very very very touching. girls, hold your tears! :O

kena marah from Computer teacher. well, never mind. I'm doing the 'blabla' behind while he was talking. nobody ever listens to him, well maybe some -.-

bye =3


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