Wednesday, November 10 2010
event: The damn finals ;).

great news!
The Finals were officially OVER! :D

we won some. I'm happy about that :]. congratulations girls! (:
Specially thanks to the players:
Yuet Ming, Michelle Mak, Esther Fong, Steffy Ngoo, Stella Yum, Allyssa

cheered as much as I can today, ILY :DDD .

Thursday, November 11 2010

watched Karate Kid. Its so bored for me 'cause I watched this the 2nd time -.-. Thanks Kelvin for sharing his movie that has many cut scenes -.-

watched 老師嫁老大 next. but we girls didn't get to watch the last part because of our "TRUSTABLE" teacher.

our class done some good deed today by helping to carry the old boxes filled with many many many books to the other block. Its so heavy, so Wan Lih came up with an great idea. we pass the boxes :). after a lot of hardwork, we get some reward too

when we went back to class, the next thing we knew that outside was raining heavily and we're lucky that we didn't get soak! :D

here are some pictures :] -

MY KH elektronik Projek :)

we got these after carrying those heavy books! =)

and if your asking, yes they were fresh from camera just now. they were taken by me :D.

3 days...
you got kc bi?


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