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Shop is the crave baby ♥ [Sunway Pyramid]


Sunway Pyramid with mummy and sister. Camera was there and non-stop photography.

how cute =3

mummy's char kuey tiaw.
iced chocolate *thumbs up* :P

got stuffed by this :O

just a little edit for the weird thing in the glob, how pity :(
a street of parachute, how wonderful =) 

Subway again. Chicken Terriyaki*thumbs up*

It all ends here, I miss this place and I miss you.

Embrace your inner whore ♥

December 24 2010, Christmas Eve.
daddy bought us some KFC to celebrate Christmas Eve getting fat T_T

its smiling, teeheee! =D

December 26 2010, Pavilion, KLCC.

daddy brought me & sister to Pavilion & KLCC.

Auntie Anne's
Auntie Anne's oishi desu~ =D

back home back home

C is the middle name :P

I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY! because I get to stay back in my own class JR3C C is tha middle name yo! ;)
I think they was just doing the checking that week. Its not real, so get over it :)) but still stay in the same class larh ^^ hehe
many things happened to me like Christmas Eve, Christmas, yesterday. gonna get those post keep posting. :D stay tune my fellow friends~
ngek ngek :D

Jingle bells, Jingle bells ♥

I'm here earthlings! weee~ wishing ya'll Merry Christmas for the second time. so, here I am, Merry Christmas! and here's a video from Smosh to youuuu!

really funny. haha
you should try it ;))

The best Christmas.

countdown accomplished :).
MerryChristmas everyone! =D  family, friends and

David Archuleta - Melodies Of Christmas

David Archuleta's voice makes me feel comfortable.
don't know whyyy :/.

Merry Christmas again peepos! :)))

平安夜快樂! :D

明天大家都該知道是什麽日子 :) 就是.. 聖誕節.. 所以大家要快樂 :D 聖誕節除了,
最重要的是要學會如何愛 平安夜快樂! :D

"OMG new hairstyle!" -.-

firstly, I wanted to thanks those who liked my picture :).

next thing was, thanks to people who comment too!
people was omg-ING my hair & also the PJ's that I'm wore while camwhore. I don't know what happen -.-. I posted on here secretly, so If you read my blog, you'll know I got a new hairstyle. but you didn't *sad*

and one more thing that should be OMG is..
 Sean was back!

:]. stay tune to next post. (:

SUPERB shopping 8D


headed to Midvalley yesterday.
Christmas decorations everywhere the mall.
here some shots by my lovely phone. forgot my baby. she shot lovely pictures. sorry for the quality guys ;).

bought one Tee, wee~ I ♥ it. muacks :)

after leaving,

Subway*licks* :]

Famous Amos,
beginner here xD. first try. since everyone said its nice.

okay, that is all for today.
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冬至節快樂 ♥

冬至節快樂!  首先附上一張湯圓照片.
 今天也算是本人的日子吧.. 別忘了我這個湯圓在此噢~ ^^
在此祝福你們, 家庭團圓, 幸福滿滿喲!

要趕兩個 post
我願意~ :]

留意留意~ :D ---

2011 class?

I thought this is going to show when 27 Dec? actually, you can already see it now. login to the website now! don't know where?


I'm going to JR3C next year, 2011. freaking happy about it. that is when I thought about my friends in JR2C 2010. I miss them a lot. and sad. some went to B, D, E. most of them went to D. I mean, average 70? it should be C class, am I right? ):

although they were in D class now, at least they still have friends right? the only friend I knew that were same class with me were, Jolyn, Julia & Jia yin :/.

----------------- end.

DEC 19 2010, Sunday

I met my long-lost cousin, Marcus yesterday. I didn't know who he is at the first place. but we end up playing hard later -.- haha. 17 year old him completed his SPM and ready to get to work.

eat chocolate together
kick each other geh ass :X

and more..
he is leaving today, miss him ya ):

Battleground 2010

you know what I am talking about people, make some noise yo! for Battleground 2010. just watched that. Firstly, congratulations to the

First place:


Second place goes to:


One of my favorite crews here ;). and I love your star formation, effing Awesome! :))

Third place:

Floor Fever

Fourth place:

Max Identity

work harder for next time. Gambateh! ♥

The second crew I also support for is Max Identity and also:


although their out from battling, I still like them though :].
maybe this is the ending of this battle. hmm :/

END! :))

Holly Xmas! :D

Merry almost Christmas! :]

I stop by my blog to post something here to make sure it doesn't get bored or un-update. I've been gone since December 14 and started missing my bloggie :).

ps: I love my bloggie so.

my background changed. I would change it again, maybe, If I am free. thanks for the people who visited this blog. a plain one right over here, haha :X. well, the cats above smells Christmas, do you? people shopping over the mall just to get ready for this baby.

found some pictures from google and would like to share.

its getting late though, see ya soon :)

facts you should know about life.

FACT #1, “don't get self killed.”

I read newspapers and noticed that many people suicide these days. and my reaction was like, “what the hell are these people thinking?” why? why you have to kill yourselves and make the people around you sad? and do you know, your such an awful person? do you wish to see your family and friends kneeling in front of your grave with tears around their faces? how can you bear to watch your family being alone without your care? If you don't want these things to happen, well, don't get yourself killed !

FACT #2, “about life”

god created life not just to find your own love but to appreciate too. I think we should also create our own family, find your lifetime talent or wish. so, appreciate it!

FACT #3, “enjoy life”

spend some time with your loved ones. love them, care more about them, connect with their hearts. sometimes, little things can make someone happy. give your loved ones some surprise by giving them handmade cards or gifts. give them a ki…

Thu,Sat,Sun :]

Thursday, 9/12/10

I've got myself a new haircut,

yup, short hair is the style that I wanted ;).

I ♥ It!

Saturday, 11/12/10

my cousin took us out for supper. It was delicious :). ahha. played with cousins. played cards and UNO everything we brought there :/. dad fetched us home.

I saw this little thing :))

Sunday, 12/12/10

dad took us out for dinner. Its nice there but fully occupied by people during 7 or 8-ish. how famous there -.-


awesome things about facebook xD

hey world, I didn't blog for like almost a week. I wanted to post on Thursday, but I don't know what to post! :O so I just leave it there :/. but now I'm back to show you something interesting about my facebook :).

Selina was on my facebook page xD. haha.

everyone knew the new profile, am I right?
(It sucks)

there's a new tab on my blog, I moved the links there =)

finding a way to make my blog interesting, any way? :)
check out for the next post, it will be here VERY SOON.

- like about 5 minutes? :/