2011 class?

I thought this is going to show when 27 Dec? actually, you can already see it now. login to the website now! don't know where?

I'm going to JR3C next year, 2011. freaking happy about it. that is when I thought about my friends in JR2C 2010. I miss them a lot. and sad. some went to B, D, E. most of them went to D. I mean, average 70? it should be C class, am I right? ):

although they were in D class now, at least they still have friends right? the only friend I knew that were same class with me were, Jolyn, Julia & Jia yin :/.

----------------- end.

DEC 19 2010, Sunday

I met my long-lost cousin, Marcus yesterday. I didn't know who he is at the first place. but we end up playing hard later -.- haha. 17 year old him completed his SPM and ready to get to work.

eat chocolate together
kick each other geh ass :X

and more..
he is leaving today, miss him ya ):


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