its a hohoho December ! :D

believe it or not, its raining now.
oh ya! I almost forgot about it. lets welcome our new month here shall we?

Welcome December

what are you thinking when December comes to us?
yes, exactly! Christmas. everybody loves Christmas. like Peter Chao said:

Christmas is Jesus's Halloween. he dress up like a big fat man with a white beard name Santa Claus and give gifts to the children. and after that Peter Chao gone laughing, madly.

so anyway, the first day of December makes everyone gone fresh! am I right? but not to me -.-. I slept like 4a.m. yesterday. I've been thinking about many many questions about myself and about blog and more after that.

should my blog be in Chinese mode or keep it original. and by that I also thought that what will you do during December? leave me a comment on my cbox or comment section below, thank you :)


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