facts you should know about life.

FACT #1,don't get self killed.

I read newspapers and noticed that many people suicide these days. and my reaction was like, what the hell are these people thinking? why? why you have to kill yourselves and make the people around you sad? and do you know, your such an awful person? do you wish to see your family and friends kneeling in front of your grave with tears around their faces? how can you bear to watch your family being alone without your care? If you don't want these things to happen, well, don't get yourself killed !

FACT #2, “about life

god created life not just to find your own love but to appreciate too. I think we should also create our own family, find your lifetime talent or wish. so, appreciate it!

FACT #3, “enjoy life

spend some time with your loved ones. love them, care more about them, connect with their hearts. sometimes, little things can make someone happy. give your loved ones some surprise by giving them handmade cards or gifts. give them a kiss on the cheek. or maybe tell an interesting story to them. make some hot coco for them when winter season to warm up their hearts :)). cook for them and you think it x). when you are happy, you, my friend, are enjoying your life.

FACT #4, “protect

protect yourself from danger.

  • drive while drunk
  • cross the road without looking
  • playing beside the road, river
  • swim while you can't (you may swim if someone have the ability to save you while you drown and the person is by your side)
  • play with sharp objects
& more to go.

there are much more from to list, google search please! :DD

just appreciate yourself, we are not born to die.


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