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Happy New Year's Eve. ♡

Happy New Year's Eve★

Today is the last day of this year's last month. *Kinda confused when i said that o___o.
I guess that everyone will be planning a special party or going for countdown to celebrate this day.
I guess I'm the only person who stays at home without countdown or partying, so yep.

And now I have to review what happened this year.

First day step in this class, some classmates already known, some don't.
Very noisy in the class.

February: Became close friends with my dear Reika :)

March: Form 3 Sejarah project.
Went to DBKL & took monorail for the first time.

April: April fooled by 3D's form teacher -.-.
Made our dearest 阿赖 cried, and cheered her up.
Parents Day.

Fully booked month ;).
Included, Sports day & Teacher's day.

Sports Day.

And of course,

Teacher's Day, which end up like High School Children's Day -.-
Also, couple day, 520 ♥
Jolyn&me spend it together <3.

June: 2nd Semester Exam.
Hangout with the girls to Midva…

New Year, New Classes, New Life.

Sr 1A :).

Most of the students from Sr 1A are those I known :).
So, no stress in studies yeah :P.

Guess next year will be like this *picturebelow.


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Romantic Proposal & Marriage

Heeeeelloooo :) What do you expect, when my title was written:" Romantic Proposal & Marriage "? ;)
I found this video on Youtube. I think Its romantic,
so I decided to post it out right here.

The wedding proposal:

The Wedding:

Hope you guys happy forever <3
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Thank kew :').

If this was a movie.

Christmas over, New Year coming.
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Merry Xmas 2011.

*sniffs* :)
I smell Christmas here.
Its 00.00 AM. 25TH Of December.
That means Its Christmas!

MerryChristmas To Everyone!

Merry Christmas Eve.

Hello my dear readers, If some of you out there are reading :/.
Hmm, facebook kaki countdown for Christmas. Some went to other places for countdown.
And how do I spend my Christmas Eve actually?
The picture below explains everything today.

 Eating hotcups and watching Ice Age 
Even though having a bf.
Changed my layout yesterday night, hope you guys enjoy it..
I know there is no one reading... forever alone :'(.
I guess thats all for today.
Stay Tune.
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Here's a song for ya'll.

Jay Park- Girlfriend.
Can't stop watching the Mv & listening this song. This guy so romantic to his girlfriend.

Bye; <3


现在为你展现 热辣辣的 Update.

昨天早上就去领 PMR 成绩了~

非常紧张 ><" 双手十指紧扣, 拜神啊啊!

庇佑 ~


5A 3B :).

还可以 ^^.

恭喜那些获得 8 或 7个A 的同学! ♥
学校一大堆记者 -.-

最重要是你是否有付出能力, 还有过程! =)


当然是庆祝冬至 ^^

又大一岁 xD


很多年都没有吃汤圆了 -.-

就, 抓狂 (¯﹃¯)

然后就和表弟他们, 玩游戏 xD

跟我抢汤圆 (゜∀゜)

哈哈 ><


对不? ^^

唉~ 生病了 ><"

Run love run !

Johor one day trip with family yesterday :D. Started our engines when 2p.m. xD.  Took 3 hours to reach there =3=.
Went to this open-air shopping mall~

And wentKampachi for dinner (¯﹃¯)

From the decorate to the food,
I can tell that this restaurant was awesome :D.

Click here for Kampachi :3

After leaving xD.

Came back in midnight,
suuuuuuuuuper late.

And received my UEC result.
Feel satisfied about it,
although it was not so good :).

So, yep.

Result doesn't represent that you are smart, 
It just represent how hard you work to achieve the goal ♥ :)

Do you agree what I said? ;)

Also, I change facebook new layout, TimeLine.
Call me crazy,
but I think facebook new layout is just my style ><

click the picture enlarge it :3

Bye guys. Hope you enjoy my post. ^^

Crashing deep.

# Victoriayuen, 2010. @ JR2C
I'm not a beautiful perfect person.
But I can surely tell you,
that I always use my heart to treat you.

No matter who are you.

Its doesn't matter who you are, where your from. As long as you are my friend :).
Sorry If I'm mad of you sometimes. I will forget about It.
I am not a perfect friend. But I will be by your side.

Jolyn listened to this song :D.
I like It! =D

You don't know me.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate It.
Merry Early Christmas.

Your beautiful, Being you ♡

101211. Sat❤
Outing with my dear friend, Michelle :),
 @ Midvalley.
I woke up on 10.30 a.m. to get ready.
Omg, tired indeed (´Д`)

We grabbed snacks from Carrefour

And then watched
Breaking Dawn, Part 1

Its AWESOME ! v(≧▽≦)v

I froze after watching the movie (= ω =)
After that, we visited MPH carnival :).

Crowded there >.<"

We get some food @ Jusco (¯﹃¯).
 We got Tako Tao for lunch :).
While we were going to sit down and eat,
Michelle's parents called and she rushed home :(.

So yeah.
Bought Sushi & Big AppleDonuts for myself ↖(^ ω ^)↗.

Outfit for that day =3.

I became a fan of someone, yep. And If you notice my facebook, you'll know.
And there he is,

Thanks for reading, I appreciate It.
Please do follow, Thank Q